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Famous Entrepreneurs Serve as Role Models for Business School Students

Business school students have high hopes and big dreams of having a successful career.
There are many avenues to choose from when studying business, and many will look to
famous entrepreneurs who are great role models in the business. These people can make
perfect topics for research papers and can also provide students with business ideas and

Adam D’Angelo

While not everyone will be familiar with the name, Adam is one of the most successful young
entrepreneurs in the US and is a great role model for students. He founded Quora, a popular
question-and-answer platform. Prior to Quora being available, online users would turn to
Yahoo Answers to find the answers to commonly asked questions. As a business student,
D’Angelo is a great role model essay example that the students could address to describe a
perfect leader. He is young and successful, and shows students how to take an existing idea
and turn it into something new. This can be a great essay topic for aspiring business

Adam started his own startup and made some strict rules. His goal was to provide a better
platform for people who were looking for honest answers. He is the perfect example of
creating a new company without reinventing the wheel! His suggestion is to look around for a
business that has potential but is not performing well. Launch your own and make it an
improved version.

Jeff Bezos

As a student, you may have dreams of founding a company that becomes a huge success.
Following in the footsteps of Jeff Bezos may be a challenge, but he is one of the great
inspiring business leaders for many aspiring entrepreneurs. As the founder and owner of
Amazon, Jeff has enjoyed massive financial success. Amazon launched in 1994, and today,
this company is the leading e-retailer in the US and has an international presence. This
company has gained almost 470 billion in new sales recently and the number is always

Initially, Amazon was a website that sold books, and after 30 days of launching, it was
enjoying more than $20,00 in sales every week. Slowly, Jeff started to add other items to this
site and began selling toys, CDs, clothes, and more. Today, just about anything that can be
purchased can be found on Amazon.

Students in business school can learn from this US entrepreneur. When writing a research
paper, covering the topic of financial growth and business development will be a choice for
many. Using Jeff as inspiration can provide building blocks for a great essay! If you start
small, remain consistent, and have a goal, you can turn any small idea into something big!

Steve Ballmer

One of the top inspirational role models for those studying technology in business school is
Steve Ballmer. As a Harvard University graduate, Steve has gained much experience in the
field of information technology while working as the CEO of Microsoft. Ballmer is now the
owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and is one of the richest men in the world. With his net
worth of more than 101 billion dollars, he is a role model for many that are studying


These are just a few examples of people who have started businesses and have grown to
enjoy financial freedom and worldwide success. As college students, you can find free
essays that provide information on how to create a startup business that has great potential.
By learning from the most successful role models in the business world, students can learn
how to take a business from a starting point and grow it into something great.