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Faception: A Trailblazing Security Solutions Provider

In an interview with Insights Success, Shai Gilboa, Co-founder and CEO of Faception, shares his experience and gives resourceful insights on security solutions and its future. In addition to this he has also noted about Faception, its products and motto of the organization along with the future goals in revolutionizing the industry.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Shai and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness and its vision.
Faception developed Facial Personality Analytics technology. Our breakthrough patented computer-vision and AI technologies analyses facial images in real-time. Backed by Social and Life Science research and proven results, our solution enables security companies and agencies to be more effective in detecting anonymous persons of interest.
Today the main use of Facial Recognition is for Identification and Authentication. Using state-of-the-art AI technologies, we classify traits and behaviors correlated to facial characteristics from video streams, databases, or online sources, allows Preventive Actions and Automation in physical security. Lately we have successfully completed POC’s and Field trials with both tier-1 technology vendor, federal agency, SI and other clients.
Faception creates new AI domain of Facial Personality Analytics. Strategically, we seek market collaboration with tier-1 System Integrators, Service Providers and technology vendors in the HLS, Public Safety and Smart-City domains, and in the future, in the FinTech, AI, and human-robots.
Today, we intend to collaborate directly with security companies and agencies and collaborate with technology providers with complimentary solutions, cameras install base and access to clients. While these solutions focus on identifying known individuals with a history of offense, our solution provides alerts on anonymous potential offenders, enabling security agencies to focus their attention, detect and prevent potential threats.
Growing fast our distributions channels yielded in >$25M pipe-line projects processes for the upcoming 12 months. Our team includes world-class experts in the areas of Intelligence, Computer Vision, Face Analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Psychology, Technology and marketing.
What are the cutting-edge products/solutions offered by Faception?
In HLS, Security, Public Safety and Safe Cities Clients we solve main physical security problem – we detect anonymous offenders, which facial recognition cannot do.
Our solutions used in border control/restricted areas/mega events, in Intelligence; do prioritization in investigation, in combating terror or criminality. It can be used to make a real Predictive Screening and allow for Preventive Actions (imagine alert on hooligans in sport event).
In future, AI and Smart Machines/robots: use for pure personalization and man/machine human interaction, without monetizing on people privacy, and in an objective path.
Retail, HR, Gaming – anonymous personalization FinTech: predictive under-wiring (clients without credit history).
Generally, we do personalization anonymously, do not monetize on people, but on service. Our solution is a software, which can be easily integrated to any infrastructure, include mobile and SaaS.
Give a detailed description of the featured personnel’s influence over the company and his/her respective industry.
It’s about vision, focus, persistency and team up the company, along with early-adopting distributors who consistently assist in shaping the Product Fit. Shai Gilboa’s leadership is the essence, mutually with CTO Itzik Wilf which is one of the best engineers in computer vision and AI. We successfully develop a “too good to be true” solution to the security market – detect anonymous offenders, while all computer vision industry is fighting on accuracy features (matching people in the databases to images), we overcome the people who ARE NOT in the database.
Also, the personalization is the “Holy Grail” for many markets. Faception solution has unique proposition (accurate, anonymous, objective) to many manufacturers, people and also make AI disrupt.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of your organization in becoming a Unicorn company.
When we reached technology proof, it was in the online industry monetization. We needed to re-think of the Technology impact use. Becoming “from the future” we needed to find “present simple” market case. So, we replaced our marketing and product teams, customers and complete mindset. Al lot of assistance we got from SF 500Startups team.
What are the challenges faced while providing solutions and services in a volatile and competitive market and how is Faception serving to tackle them?
We are Single Source which is mostly helpful. But, as our solution is so revolutionary and somehow most use-cases are confidential, we need early adopters. Unfortunately, most of government agencies are late adopters and sales processes are long-term. Also, the market is dominated by giants/incumbents with NIH (Not Invented Here) approach.
Kindly provide a few examples of Faception’s services.
For Public Safety:
Murder Case: someone was murdered in a place/event. The Police have the images of all attendees during the crime event. Now Police will search for suspects that Faception shows high level of potential to be murderers.
Pedophile Case:

  • After the fact: a child was sexually attacked in public place/school/area. Police has the images of all attendees during the crime event. Now Police will search for suspects that Faception shows high level of potential to be pedophiles. Police will get a list of high scored people images.
  • Predictive Screening: means preventive actions; when somebody with high potential to be pedophile is present in public garden/playground/place with children, there are many preventive actions that can be executed. Like projecting, questioning, guarding Robot who patrol, lighting camera/projector, etc.

Thief Case: A thief stole a wallet with money from a TOURIST, in hotel lobby/restaurant/event. Police has the images of all attendees during the crime event. Now Police will search for suspects that Faception shows high level of potential to be a Thief. Police will get a list of images of suspects with high score.
Drug Dealer Case: There are specific alerts based on prior intelligence, so Police has the images of all border passengers/access control/prison visitors/etc. These people will be in dataset of the border control/prison visitors/etc. Now Police will search for suspects in the above dataset that Faception shows high level of potential to be a drug dealer. Police will get a list of images of suspects with high score.
What according to you could be the potential future of your field of expertise/operations and how do you envision sustaining competency?
We believe on closely partner with tier-1 Technology vendors, while we are focused on classifiers as our Core competence, supply API and SDK. We also partner with System Integrators and Service Providers on same mode.