You are currently viewing Eye-Catching and Inspiring Video Ads of Instagram

Eye-Catching and Inspiring Video Ads of Instagram

Eye-Catching and Inspiring Video Ads of Instagram

Instagram video ads are popular today like never before. Although they had a slow beginning, now they are more notable than photos. Moreover, video advertising is more engaging, and this has been proven as videos receive twice as many comments as photos. Above all, you can make powerful advertisements on Instagram with the help of an Instagram video ad maker. Look these up, which tell a story, improve sales volume, create buzz, convey information concisely and captivatingly, and help reach a wider audience.

Besides, big brands can connect more with their customers through video advertisements. These videos are created to quickly catch the viewer’s attention. Nowadays viewers have a little attention span and they get bored quickly so the videos should be catchy as well as short.

Therefore if you are looking to make your own video ad on Instagram or you want to make an Instagram ad campaign, you can take inspiration from these video advertisements:

  1. Bai

This is a health drink for the calorie-conscious. The advertisement clearly shows why Bai is beneficial for the health-conscious. The bottle consists of only 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories. Above all, we also like the way the bottle is coming down in motion. The audience is not expecting the bottle to be so strong. Thus they will pause the ad and watch it for a while.

  1. Apple watch

The video ad of the Apple watch is eye-catching as it shows bright neon colors in the background. Also, the opening of the video shows a woman exercising in slow motion. The rings on the video show that it is used to measure the exercise time.  Therefore this ad is equally gripping.

  1. Interior Define

The Instagram video advertising campaign of Interior defines that sells customizable sofas are also made keeping in mind the viewer. It clearly shows a man comfortably sitting on the sofa while keeping it intact. The blue-gray shade of the sofa is also soothing to the eyes according to psychologists. So viewers will want to relax on the couch.

  1. Brooklinen

This is a video advertisement for a comfy bed. This flashy advertising campaign has a boomerang effect that quickly catches the viewer’s attention. Also, it ends rapidly making the visuals engaging. Therefore just by a glance, the audience will be aware of the comfort and luxurious experience of Brooklinen.

  1. Blinklist

This is a video advertisement on Instagram about an application that provides nonfiction books to its readers. This video clearly communicates the message in less than 10 seconds. Also, a faded video in the background shows how you can read your favorite books on the go with your smartphone. The video ad also shows the title of some famous books that you can read or hear in less than 15 minutes.

  1. CS Racing

This video advertisement is about a car racing game on the mobile. The car racing is shown by powerful graphics. Moreover, it is made to build enthusiasm as the race starts with 3-2-1 count down then the car accelerates at 70mph. The caption also mentions that this is gameplay and not any edited video.


So as we have seen that there are so many inspiring advertising campaigns on Instagram and it just takes a little creativity to make them. Also with the help of a video maker, you can make an awesome Instagram video advertisement.

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