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Exago: Solving Key Business Challenges with Collaborative Innovation

Since the inception of the business world, a few words have been consistently echoed over and over. These never-changing words are efficiency and productivity. But, how can businesses achieve the ideal state of productivity in the real world where we cannot measure motivation, attitude and passion to work in concrete terms?
Barring a few employees in authority, every employee is expected to attain a specific goal and is monitored strictly based on the concrete value of productivity they bring to work every day. Can this environment truly transpire curiosity to learn more? Moreover, can this environment really promise an eternal growth and a robust innovative culture to organizations?
Exago promises to solve this key business challenge by creating a collaborative and innovative culture day in and day out.  The company gives everyone a voice through innovation platforms and combines the wisdom shared to help organizations build the next big thing on the horizon.
Large corporations often become large ships which are slow to steer and change course due to a rigid culture developed over time. Exago helps clients envision their workplace in line with the real world, where people are engaged and can actively collaborate in shared innovation challenges.
The power of this idea should be self-explanatory. However, one just has to look at the growing culture of startups and the power they hold to motivate young minds to understand the intuitive appeal behind this idea.
Choose Your Way to Deliver More and Better Ideas
Founded back in 2007 in Lisbon, Portugal, Exago first came up with an out-of-the-box algorithm that mitigates speculations in predictive markets, which was designed to help companies select promising ideas using their employees’ collective intelligence. The algorithm was patented in the US and the company has not looked back since.
It has made several changes to the core formula and enriched it with the understanding from several industries to make their current products state-of-the-art applications, full of various features and functionalities. The company currently provides three products to organizations and all of them embed the core vision of the company: to harness collective intelligence and solve key business challenges, while bringing about increased efficiency, productivity and higher satisfaction at work.
Exago Smart – The first product of the company, Exago Smart is an innovative product built for managers who wish to infuse innovation in their corporate culture, offering a robust, adaptable and scalable solution to take innovation to the next level.
Exago Open – A powerful innovation platform for managers who are looking to expand their expertise, allowing them to tap into external communities to harvest new ideas and engage stakeholders beyond corporate walls.
Exago Start – The final of the three products, Exago Start is the latest platform provided by the company. It is a proven way for managers to take their first steps towards building an idea management programme in an easy and efficient manner. 
Carrying the Mantle of Leadership with a Proven Talent
It is often easy for companies to acquire the best technical, capital and human resources on the planet. However, inspiring a team with the right spirit and taking it forward in the right direction is often left up to the leader. Fortunately, Exago is blessed with the right leader for the job. Exago is led by its CEO Diana Neves de Carvalho, an experienced individual in the core competency of the business. With companies such as KPMG and Deloitte on her résumé, she blends consultancy, management and information technology expertise in order to bring the true spirit of innovation to productivity. Her passion towards her work is visible through her efforts and energies directed in daily operations at Exago.
Diana brings a problem-solving and go-getter approach to the Exago team every day. Her robust and energetic spirit is always geared to find the right solution in the best possible manner. It is unlikely that with her at the helm of affairs at Exago, the company would fall anywhere short of absolute excellence in the future.
Creating a Brighter Future for both Companies and People
Earlier, there was a misconception in innovation that only experts could solve a particular challenge. However, companies like Exago have proven that gamification could create a better world for everyone and do so in an impeccable and efficient manner. For example, the gamification software developed by Exago transforms the corporate environment into an enriching platform by rewarding and recognizing participants. The platform uses points, scoreboards and digital currency rewards to take participation to the next level and engage all professionals. In doing so, it also encourages learning for intrinsic purposes and fosters collaborative innovation as a whole.
The work culture today is undergoing a huge change. The new generation of employees entering the labor force are tech-savvy and so are young consumers. Hence, it is likely for businesses to become more digitized in the near future, and the leadership at Exago sees this as a blessing in disguise.
As the demand soars, it is likely to be met with a stiff competition. There are many companies entering the gamification industry and each one promises to be unique. However, Exago has a clear roadmap and vision for the upcoming future. The company leadership expects that smart integrations, exponential cloud and artificial intelligence potential, and end-to-end process implementation is the way to move forward. The company believes their patented algorithm could only get better with the integration of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms in the future. This is also a future that industry biggies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc., are banking upon.
Whether or not these approaches would work, only time will tell. However, some say our approach to solving a problem, more than anything else, often decides the outcome of the battle. The positive and balanced approach to solving a problem based on a balanced judgment is already a sign of the times which are yet to come.
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