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Evolving Solutions: A Technological Expertise with Exceptional Data Center Technology

Technology has become the core aspect of every business. In today’s busy corporate environment, organizations need to continue to operate their systems, while freeing up time and resources to invest in transformative technologies. To do this effectively, organizations need to prioritize time and budgets, but also depend on trusted partners to advise them through the process. Taking this need into consideration, Evolving Solutions has invested in its core to provide deep technological expertise and full-service technology solutions to organizations with its exceptional infrastructure, cloud and services solutions. Technology is now at the heart of every business and making sure that its clients get the right technology from the right provider is exactly what Evolving Solutions helps achieve.
Co-founded by Jaime Gmach, who continues to lead the company as its President and CEO, Evolving Solutions has emerged as a leading technology solution provider to businesses throughout North America. The company does this by focusing on developing long-term relationships and building trust with their clients. The key to its purpose is helping clients simplify technology, while delivering on Evolving Solutions’ core values: do the right thing, be a team player, and be humbly confident.
A Technical Strategist and Advisor 
The technical strategies and directions of Evolving Solutions are led by Michael Downs, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He brings over 18 years of experience creating architectures to solve complex business problems including big data, high performance computing, integration, automation and end user computing. His broad technology, business and industry experience provides valuable perspective to the company and its clients working to implement innovative technologies to support their success. Downs believes that innovation comes from exploring a wide variety of disciplines and industries. One may find that a great way to develop a solution may come from listening to great music or going on a bike ride, as often as reading an industry whitepaper.
Serving the Technical Aspects of Industry 
The need for businesses to adapt quickly to new and emerging competitors resulted in a new approach to application development designed to more easily try new concepts and offerings. That new application architecture in turn spawned innovative change in the infrastructure to support those applications. For Evolving Solutions, supporting clients with the enterprise discipline they need, while delivering more agile infrastructure provided by cloud-like solutions is a key challenge today.
Organizations struggle to effectively integrate the two ends of the spectrum without disrupting business and increasing the value they offer to their clients. New applications and platforms demand a complete change in methodology and culture to become more agile within IT departments. These types of changes can be a big struggle for managing IT as the digital transformation takes a more prominent place as a competitive advantage for businesses.
Downs and the entire Evolving Solutions team believes clients must continue to optimize their existing technology while providing the capabilities their businesses need to innovate. Selecting the proper platform for workloads and determining which applications to update, rewrite or replace represent the core challenge faced today. Accomplishing this balance requires clients to transition to delivering “IT as a Service”. How foundational, transformational and new workloads are delivered is a unique challenge for each client, requiring each one to assemble the best combination of internal and external capabilities to meet their goals. That approach must also be flexible enough to adapt to major business and technology changes that are a constant part of enterprise IT.
An Incremental Approach 
Evolving Solutions created a process design to help itself with the rapid assessment of offering and solution opportunities to assist its clients. The company calls it BEA, or Business Enablement Approach. The process has already allowed it to launch new offerings in Automation, Orchestration and DevOps. Although it knew that there was significant interest in this solution space, it needed to validate the market opportunity in its geography and determine the specific focus of offerings. Thus, it went through a series of short “experiments” to prove or disprove its ideas. As a result, the approach worked well, but it challenged the company to balance its reputation for white glove service and flawless execution along with presenting new offerings to its clients. This incremental approach helped Evolving Solutions strike the balance while learning, the vital aspect to be known.
Building Enduring Client Relationships 
Evolving Solutions does not just go for a sale; instead, it works hard to develop a long-term partnership with its clients. All employees focus on building enduring relationships and ensuring a successful solution implementation. Rather than just finishing a job and moving on, the company measures its success on the length of its client relationships. The company always sticks to its commitment of delivering quality services. It tends to turn down projects, if it knows it is unable to deliver the quality service and experience that its clients have come to expect.
Sculpting a Fully-Functional Environment 
Downs leads the technology efforts to develop new solutions and offerings as Evolving Solutions continues the momentum the company has built for the past 24 years. The company is highly accomplished at architecting, configuring, and installing traditional data center technologies. Throughout 2019 and the coming years, the company is striving to expand its partnerships and strengths into more flexible and agile solutions like software-defined, open source platforms, and cloud-native applications. Its architects always have and will continue to construct a fully-functional environment and strategy that fits into the needs and requirements defined by its clients.
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