Everything You Wanted to Know About CBD Tinctures

There are many different ways to take CBD. Possibly the most common is by taking CBD oil out of a tincture. Extracts, serums, and oils have become increasingly popular is the health and wellness space. Not just to administer CBD, also for hair and skin products. We believe CBD tincture drops to be the best way to take CBD offering low risks compared to smoking or vaping CBD and higher absorption rates relative to CBD edibles.
One of the most discouraging aspects of the CBD industry is the amount of baseless medical claims, misinformation, lack of transparency, an outright dishonesty from many companies. It is crucial to do your homework before buying CBD tinctures from a company you are unfamiliar with.

CBD Tinctures: Get them Tested

While it is upsetting to see so many fraudulent CBD companies populating the online marketplace, they are easy to pick out to the educated CBD consumer. The best way to separate the real from the fake is by lab tests. If a company isn’t providing certificate of analysis documents (COAs) produced by a 3rd part lab, they don’t deserve your business. There’s no excuse for not getting CBD tested.
In an industry lacking regulation at the direct-to-consumer level, 3rd party tests are a must. This is to protect the consumer from getting ripped off and for safety purposes.

What is CBD Tincture?

CBD oil is most likely going to be sold in the form of a 15ml or 30ml glass tincture bottle with a squeeze dropper built into the cap. The most common being the 30ml. There are tinctures available in single doses and above the common 30ml bottles.
When buying CBD tincture, especially for the first time, you must know the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. Both are sold in tinctures; one is made out of hemp seeds and doesn’t contain any CBD. Another reason to make sure your CBD has been tested. Many retailers on Amazon use confusing terms to pass hemp oil off as CBD oil.
CBD oil tinctures are usually made up of two ingredients: CBD and a carrier oil. Most companies use seed oil or MCT oil. Both have their own benefits, many users like MCT better because it is made up of smaller molecules and is believed to have higher absorption rates.

How Does CBD Tincture Work?

Using oil outside the kitchen can be a bit foreign to some. Don’t worry, CBD tinctures are very easy to use. First, shake the bottle, unscrew the cap, squeeze the rubber top getting your desired dose from the bottle, then, squeeze the oil out under your tongue. This is the most important step regarding CBD tinctures. Hold the CBD under your tongue for at least 20 seconds. Allow the oil to dissolve under the tongue. The less that is swallowed the better.

CBD Tincture Benefits

Under our tongues is mucosal membrane. This is a sort of direct path to the bloodstream. Administering in this way is called sublingual. Compared to CBD edibles, this is a more efficient and direct way of consuming CBD. When CBD is taken into the bloodstream, it can take hours to become available for the body to use. Also, more of your CBD is wasted in the digestion process.
CBD tincture drops are a great way to benefit from this incredible plant extract. To give CBD a chance to make your life better, use it daily over multiple weeks and monitor the effects.
Remember to make sure your CBD retailer provides lab tests. Use the CBD tincture sublingually, try not to swallow any oil if possible and take consistently. With this guide you will be able to confidently take CBD tinctures and feel the benefits.

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