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Everything You Need to Know About Autodialers

With the many advancements in technology, it is now possible to make automated calls in which an autodialer will be able to place calls using a group of numbers and identify the active phone numbers and weed out those that are no longer registered. An autodialer is computer software that can be programmed to make calls on a schedule, and only the successful calls picked up by the called parties will be forwarded to a company representative who will then interact with them.

Most telemarketing companies call hundreds and thousands of phone numbers to reach someone who will become a paying customer, and the numbers they have may or may not be active. It will be a waste of time and effort if they have to call every single number and then find out that it is no longer in service. Thus, an autodialer will help improve efficiency as only the active numbers will be attempted, and the chances of reaching a potential customer are very high.

Moreover, when the autodialer calls a number, it is faster, and this translates to more dialed numbers and successful calls in a day. It can significantly improve the performance of the agents and the company. The more numbers called, the more likely it is that a possible customer is reached, and the more customers reached, the possibility that they will purchase the product or avail of services is also higher.

An autodialer is an essential tool in the telemarketing industry, and several laws govern it; before purchasing one, you need to be familiar with those laws to ensure that you are not violating any of its provisions. Also, learn all you can about the autodialer’s features to maximize its application to your business and make the most of your investment.

How does an autodialer work?

The newer autodialer systems are now cloud-based and do not require any new hardware or computers to make them work for your business. Generally, a computer program will make calls to specified phone numbers and then transfer the calls to a live agent once it is answered. This will help agents make more successful calls and skip those not answered or dropped. Three types of dialers can be helpful to a telemarketing business; you have the power dialer, the predictive dialer, and the progressive dialer.

The power dialer uses a one-on-one system, in which a single call is made at a given time; it is suitable for businesses that adopt a consultative approach. Although only one call is made at a time, it helps the agent strategize handling the ensuing call as it can display the lead information. It can also skip the unanswered and busy numbers so that the agent can maximize their effort. It can dial up to seventy calls per hour, meaning it takes less than a second to dial a number.

On the other hand, the predictive dialer is the opposite of the power dialer. It can make multiple calls simultaneously, and only the successful calls are forwarded to an available agent. This is the autodialer of choice by businesses that aim to reach as many people as possible, like telemarketers, debt collectors, and political campaigns. It can skip incorrect numbers, unanswered calls, and inactive numbers, which means more calls can be generated. As soon as contact is made, the call is forwarded to an open agent; the autodialer will then calculate the number of multiple calls based on the number of dropped calls and response rate.

The progressive dialer is the most preferred dialing system; it is a more intelligent and faster version of the power dialer. The autodialer can make calls based on the preference of the agents and when an agent is available for the calls. It is said to have the most positive effect on potential customers and will lead to a higher success rate compared to the predictive dialer. The dialer can transfer calls to the available agent based on specific criteria like location, skill levels, product expertise, etc. It is programmable to the dialing system and will have more customer success.

Where to find an autodialer?

An autodialer is software that is now cloud-based and can be installed and integrated into an existing system without having to buy new computers with higher specifications. It can easily be set up in the existing network of the company. It only takes a few hours to complete and is very easy to use. It works independently, and the agents will need minimal training to use it effectively.

The question is where to find the best autodialer system that will work best with your business and help you achieve your goals. Since most computer programs are now sold online, the best place to start would be the online market. And since software development companies are plenty on the internet, it would not take you much time to find the company that offers the best autodialer on the web.

There are a few things to look for in an autodialer. First, it should be cloud-based, as this will ensure that you will not need any dedicated servers or have to store data physically. It would also mean that the system can be installed in your system without having to occupy a lot of disk space and can be installed in a network and be available to every agent in the company.

Second, it should have several dialing systems that you can choose from to suit the needs of your business and achieve your goals. Third, it is priced reasonably, wherein you can get your money’s worth and have additional features that make the investment worth it. Finally, technical support should always be available.