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Event Management Trends that Aims to Change the Industry in India

The Event Management Industry in India is constantly changing and evolving. Event professionals implementing technology gradually and constantly  in the Event industry have been able to achieve a competitive advantage over those who aren’t implementing the technology.
Today’s trends will not be there in the future. Because by then, every professional in the event industry would have already implemented it. So, to have a considerable advantage over the competitors, one should be aware of the current trends in the market.
Smart Phones- The Present and The Future
No one would have guessed that smartphones could have such a big impact on our lives. Smartphones have been there for us in every area of the business and will be continuing to do so in the future. It is expected that smartphone users would be 6.1 billion by 2020 against 2.6 billion from 2014. The companies and event organizers should stop living in the past and start believing in the present and future aspects of the smartphone. They need to embrace the various ways by which people can interact with each other. In fact, smartphones are keeping more people connected than ever, as many apps allow everyone to network with each other more easily and quickly.
Event Apps- The Key for Business
With every passing day number of apps are increasing at a tremendous rate, and has been the key for most of the business. The quality and service that apps are giving have improved over years. The event industry is no exception to it. The event apps are making things easier, quicker, more interactive to the event industry. The increase in the engagement of interactive mobile event apps has been emerging as one of the biggest event trends.
Live Streaming- The Way to Success
YouTube and other streaming sites have changed the face of the online media industry. The live streaming of the events was previously criticized due to the risk of ticket sales. But the scenario has changed due to drastic improvement it has made in reaching people. Online conversations and general awareness made through social media are only helping businesses to become more successful. Sanpchat which was previously used only by family and close friends to share photos and second videos are marketing strategy for many businesses including event industry.
Social Ambassadors- The Idol People for Successful Marketing
The social media has been the most active and used medium over the last few years. The social media is affecting the lives of people, so much that people check their social media accounts from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep back at night.
While social media is grabbing the attention of many people, many companies have recognized that advertising on the social media can be very much helpful to the business, and that’s when social ambassadors come in. They are the people who represent and talk about a company in front of potential customers in a positive way. So, many companies are willing to pay to social ambassadors for positive marketing on the social media.
Experimental Marketing- A Tactic to Connect With Consumers
The experimental marketing was big trend last year and is still most preferred one. The experimental marketing’s main objective is to find new and innovative ways to connect and communicate with consumers. The best way to connect with consumers is to give them an experience of a brand through all senses. Some of the techniques used in the experimental marketing include Virtual Reality, Projection Mapping, Molecular Catering, Gesture Recognition Gaming, and 360-degree Photo Experiences. The trend of experimental marketing has already adopted by small and large event management enterprises and many companies will continue to do so.
Venue Hunting- Best Way for Basic Foundation
Venue of the event is the basic foundation for every type of event that takes place all over the world. The event industry is not a new to the search for different venues for various events. However, there are few websites which make the hunt for venues easier and at one click away like Venuehunter in India. Online methods such as this require no details to access these venues and without any charges too. Users can gain a greater insight of the various venues at one click away.
Digital Swag Bags- The New Swag For Consumers
The toughest hurdle event organizer has been facing is to find creative and unique gift bag for attendees. The organizers have tried everything they could to find a unique gift bag to provide to the consumers to take away with. The sponsors have not always been pleased with the traditional bags. But there are new bags being used in the market, which contains online gift vouchers or offers for event attendees.  These bags are called, ‘Digital Swag Bags.’ The bag not only contains the vouchers, but also are more environmentally friendly and cheap.
These trends can give a big push to the event management companies compared to the competitors if used correctly, and all trends are focused on one goal, to create a memorable and engaging experience for event attendees.