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Euroson America: Providing Outright Storage Management Solutions

Tremendous changes in the IT industry make it difficult to use conventional storage management approaches to respond to explosively increasing data volumes, and hence are forcing changes in fundamental management structure. Solution providers experienced in archiving, data compliance and retention management are needed in the industry that will provide solutions for meeting the most demanding requirements for data access, accuracy, security, and long-term retention.

Euroson America, knowing this, provides Data Storage Management Software and Solutions which are targeted towards companies and agencies requiring regulatory compliance and long-term data retention solutions. Their products provide high capacity permanent storage of digital information using all storage technologies. And their key markets are Manufacturing, Medical, Law Enforcement, Government, Military, and Financial Services.

Experienced professionals at Euroson, configure and provide Data Management and Archiving solutions which integrate the most cost effective storage technology for the intended purpose. Which includes a wide range of “Cloud Storage” including object storage devices and generic (S3) hosted data storage, Tape Libraries, Optical Libraries, and Disc Publishing Systems. Euroson offers custom configured systems, integrated and tested to meet the requirements of compliant archival storage applications.

Today, the use of Hosted Cloud Storage provides many benefits for companies seeking the solution to maintain data for extended periods, provide off sight redundancy disaster recovery for unlimited expansion. For this Euroson offers both, software only and appliance solutions that provide an automated and effective use of these Hosted Cloud Storage services.

Contented Customers Rely on Euroson
Euroson’s customers benefit from their experience and expertise with data archiving solutions for preventing corruption, destruction, alteration or unauthorized access to information. They have delivered over 2000 such systems in the US and Canada, and these customers have the benefit of knowing that their most important assets are stored in a compliant, permanent manner while remaining easily accessible. They have customers in diverse applications and markets including Law Enforcement for maintaining evidence, Medical facilities for meeting HIPAA Compliance, Government facilities for retaining surveys, transactions and other records, and broadcast media for the preservation of their most valuable content, etc.

Kevin Byrne, Founder of Euroson America has a decade of experience as a senior manager for European based Electronics companies including Ortofon and Tandberg.

Kevin’s decision of developing a new generation of automated optical storage devices changed the course of the company. Working with IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and others, they developed these devices designed specifically for the data storage marketplace. As this product became the bestselling Optical Data Storage device of all time, Euroson were established as the leaders in the field of Data Archiving featuring changers for the data archiving market. Later, Euroson became a partner with PoINT Software & Systems to develop and market advanced software applications for network data management and archival storage device integration. In 2012, Euroson acquired MDI, a well-established brand in data storage technologies, and expanded its product offering to include high-performance servers and optical libraries integrating PoINT Software products to produce dedicated Archive and Storage appliances.

Along with the recognition that the amount of information is growing exponentially comes the understanding of the need to retain this information for indefinite periods of time. At Euroson, they are in the business of Archiving, at a time when Archiving is becoming one of the most important considerations for IT Professionals. Candidly, Object Storage is an ideal solution for archiving data.