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George Panoutsopoulos | Regional Director | Western Balkans

Eurofast: Redefining Business Advisory Space with Technology and Native Talent

Every successful business has an individual with vision, talent, and expertise in leading the team to conquer the challenges along the way. George Panoutsopoulos, Regional Director of Western Balkans offices of Eurofast, with his expertise in the financial sector and commercial management, has been leading his team to take the right actions which helped Eurofast establish itself as a prominent name in the business consulting space.
The Genesis
Eurofast is among the prominent advisory business in all Southeast Europe’s developing markets. Since the beginning, Eurofast has strived to deliver the best services possible and improve its role as a local expert in South-Eastern Europe.
In a sector that is renowned for its fierce rivalry, this is no small achievement. The company’s capacity to rely on its employees to represent customers effectively and efficiently has added an edge to Eurofast’s operations. This fierce approach ensures that customers receive precise solutions to their diligent and realistic problems.
The company has been on par to offer more value, efficiency, and quality throughout its services to achieve its goal of customer loyalty. The Eurofast Dream Team has local consultants with various backgrounds, including lawyers, accountants, and tax consultants, who show indispensable competitive advantage through their dedication, loyalty, commitment to excellence, expertise, and experience, and thus, are a profound reason for the company’s success.
Since its inception, the company has thrived on creativity, exclusivity, versatility, and transparency to provide outstanding customer services, which has further become a turning stone in Eurofast’s rapid growth and building a reputation for excellence and continuous evolution.
Conquering challenges
Today’s complex business ecosystem demands business consultants to stay updated with the latest trends and market crises. Furthermore, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has increased the effect of financial turmoil spread worldwide. These developments have had a major effect on multinational companies that have historically been the key client base of Eurofast.
Amid this turmoil, Eurofast has been diligently providing quality service to its global clientele with the best of their abilities. The company’s perspectives of innovation have led to surpass its success saga in over four decades. Eurofast further turned this major challenge during the pandemic into a major opportunity by partnering with some of the world’s leading brands and organizations across different sectors.
Moreover, the company’s prominence presence in the market for 42 years has opened new avenues of collaborating with leading global brands and organizations in the manufacturing, retail, airlines, and professional services sectors. The loyal and wide customer base of Eurofast is proof of the company’s trusted services for all their business needs.
Innovation to guard customer’s faith
Technology advancement has touched all aspects of our life. Businesses through the latest technology adoption have altered their approach to providing the best customer experience. Eurofast has ensured interconnectivity between its offices with state-of-art technology. During the digital era where customers are living in the scare of breaching personal data security, Essential has ensured optimum security of customer data by implementing security checks and data loss prevention steps.
Through a centralized technology of telephone and video conference services, internal servers, and intranet networks Eurofast ensures the connectivity with remote locations conforming to even the slightest specifics in the customer support. This has established the company as a real local information expert.