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Etech: Individuals Driven by Human Intelligence and Technology for Perfect Synergy

Probably the most perfect example of synergy in the animal kingdom, a beehive is run by millions of bees in pursuit of a common objective for their entire lives. During the course of their daily routine, bees often protect their colony by routinely making the ultimate sacrifice of offering their own lives for the greater good. Hence, it is not surprising that beehives are often symbolized as the epitome of a highly successful working culture and may represent the ideal way to run organizations. Their dedication to their cause and their commitment is something human corporations and organizations can only daydream about. However, their way of life is essential for us to learn from as it would help us improve efficiency and increase growth.
Increasingly, giant companies across the world understand that in order for human beings to deliver efficiency and productivity it is important for them to become an inseparable part of their organization. Leading tech companies like Google and Facebook provide their employees with several perks such as healthy food, round the clock medical care, etc. Such initiatives help organizations form a perfect synergy between employees and their work. This synergy is absolutely essential, especially in the service industry. Employees and their attitude towards their work directly impact the ultimate customer experience. Additionally, a faulty product can be replaced or repackaged to change the customer experience. However, a broken service culture tramples on the ultimate objective of a great customer experience, which can never be replaced with anything else. Hence, service companies, which make their employees a meaningful part of their culture, are inspirational as well as irreplaceable in the service industry.
The Story of a Human Beehive 
One company which leads the service industry by a perfect synergy between the human input and results accomplished is Etech Global Services. It has led the service industry for over 20 years since its inception and currently serves one of the most trusted big brands in the industry. During its inception, it was a telecommunication firm, which later divested and reformed to market inbound and outbound voice, chat solutions. Today, the company has grown into a successful business with over 2800 employees, which operate out of 8 locations all over the world.
Etech has achieved tremendous success since its inception. One of the main reasons behind this success is their mantra of combining objectivity, insights, and investment in the working culture. Leadership at Etech believes in investing in their employees to make them relentlessly pursue their objectives every day. The employees of the company regularly undergo training to become complete as professionals. Similarly, the company has invested in areas which benefit their clients in a unique manner. Etech has a separate division of data scientist which combines hard facts with human intelligence in order to provide clients with actionable insights about cost-savings, productivity, and enhancement in working culture. As a result of the various unique strategies deployed by Etech, the company today handles more than 65 million voice interactions, 16 million chat & email interactions and complete approximately 2 million quality monitoring evaluations per year. The commitment towards a great working culture will only drive Etech to achieve even greater heights in the future.
Accurate Solutions Measured in an Objective Manner
Etech is a one-stop destination for companies which require inbound & outbound sales & support, Customer Experience and Quality Assurance, compliance monitoring, email & chat support. Etech also offers solutions for social media, customer care, technical support, back office and software development. There are many companies in the service industry which provide similar solutions but few can match the competence of Etech in the industry. One of the primary reasons for the competence of Etech in the industry is also the objectivity the company brings to the table. Etech during their extensive manual monitoring experience found that the process incurs several inefficiencies. Some of the most challenging ones were proper resource management, limited sample size and most importantly objectivity.
Etech introduced technology in order to solve the biggest problem with manual monitoring. Etech has implemented Speech Analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to gain and provide intelligent insights. The technology introduced by the company also helped eliminate manual reporting and implementation source of authorities used earlier. As a result, the culture in the company became more transparent and delivered accurate results. Today, based on its enriched understanding of artificial intelligence and creating a culture that values quality, Etech Insights was formed to share their valuable expertise with their clients. Etech Insights currently saves millions of dollars for its clients and has increased retention rates as high as 40%.
A Leadership that Cherishes Accomplishments and People
It is important for service industries to be led by professionals who are inspiring and yet have their ears to the ground. It is a difficult feat to accomplish but the leadership of Etech seems to be finding the perfect balance at the moment. Etech is led by Matt Rocco who is the President and General Manager of Etech. Matt is a distinguished and recognized personality in the service industry space. He has authored two books, featured in prestigious leading journals and has over 30 years of experience working in the industry. He also regularly guides the industry through regular lectures and provides his insights for the greater good whenever possible. Matt is also a true blessing for Etech. Etech has received prestigious awards such as the ‘20 Most Promising Quality Monitoring Solutions Provider’ and the ‘Technovation’ which further stamps his authority as a true professional.
Alongside Matt, Etech is led by Jim Iyoob, who is the Chief Customer Officer. Jim is as passionate about the people as he is about the process. Jim is also gifted with an unparalleled passion to remain ahead of the curve in outsourcing solutions and service delivery. He has co-authored two books with Matt that have become a guiding light for the industry. Additionally, his expertise lies in operational performance management, e-commerce sales and service with an impeccable track record of innovation and advanced business intelligence. Jim true to his title also possesses excellent skills to work with people and proves it time and again. Jim loves volunteering for various charitable organizations including the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce, the United Way of Nacogdoches County and many more. It seems that the leadership of Etech and its future truly lies in safe hands.
Ensuring Quality Customer Care with Innovation
The service industry is seeing an influx of many innovations much like the software and hardware industries. The changing and improving nature of various channels of communication are making it more rewarding and challenging to work in the service industry than ever before. Clients of the service industry increasingly come with high expectations and expect companies like Etech to deliver innovative solutions for their requirements. Etech, for its part, combines human intelligence with the knowledge and power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain insights and deliver better results. Etech believes that understanding customer experience requires objectivity which only technology can deliver but it requires a magical touch of human intelligence as well. AI can help companies identify general patterns and provide a solid foundation for understanding the bigger picture. However, AI cannot experience and create a better experience for customers. Hence, it is important for the human intelligence and AI to work together not only just to check boxes, but to create a customer experience that is truly sacrosanct.
Etech cherishes this experience and applies numerous lessons learned from their rich past to help clients attract happy customers. Etech believes there are three aspects important for the service professionals to understand before delivering quality solutions to their clients — customer needs, expectations, and consistency.  In order to provide ideal solutions for their clients, Etech encourages their employees to work together as a team to make sure each customer receives a special experience when they connect with their clients every day.

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