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ETAP: Powering the Smart Grid

In the electric power sector, the demand to take proactive action rather than simply reacting to events after they happen is requiring intelligent applications to provide realtime predictive power system simulation, optimization and automation. Hence, efficient and content-specific information exchange embedded with model-driven engineering systems is essential to the design and operation of modern electrical power networks. One company leading the industry and raising the bar with every passing year is ETAP.
Operation Technology, Inc. (ETAP) is the designer and developer of ETAP software for modeling, design, analysis, optimization, monitoring, control, and automation of electrical power systems. The company has been powering success for more than 32 years by providing the most comprehensive and widely-used enterprise solutions for power generation, transmission, distribution, industrial, transportation, and lowvoltage power systems.
ETAP has been offering intelligent solutions to the power grid long before the grid became ‘smart’. ETAP technology has been built from modeling to operation; a model-driven power system platform that acts as a hub to incorporate all aspects of system design, analysis, management and optimization through real-time simulation and operation.
ETAP Grid™ solution is addressing the market needs by providing an open and scalable approach to a smart grid strategy. ETAP offers industry specific solutions to proactively reduce peak demand and optimize network assets, while assisting distribution networks deliver electricity more efficiently, reliably, securely and economically.
An Inspiring Journey of an Unflinching Leader
Dr. Farrokh Shokooh founded ETAP in 1986 and since then has served as President and CEO of the company. Farrokh earned his PhD degree in Electrical Power Engineering from Louisiana State University in 1979. He is also a fellow of IEEE and a recipient of IEEE Third Millennium Medal.
In 1985, Farrokh’s vision was to make the most capable and intuitive electrical power system analysis software utilizing a single platform with one database. Today, ETAP has more than 500 employees and representatives in 75+ countries, guaranteeing global reach and local presence.
Unmatched Range of Scalable Analytics and Integrated Operation Solutions
ETAP offers an integrated suite of smart grid solutions in various sectors:

  • Generation: From Renewable to Nuclear, some of the world’s most advanced power generation plants depend on ETAP. In the renewable sector, ETAP enables designers and engineers to conceptualize the collector systems, determine wind penetration and perform grid interconnection studies with full spectrum power system analysis calculations for accurate simulation, predictive analysis, equipment sizing, and field verification of wind and solar farms.
  • Transmission: ETAP’s Transmission System platform combines detailed substation models, network topology, system analysis, planning, protection and Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Energy Management (EMS) into one common database.
  • Distribution: ETAP’s Distribution System planning and operation solution offers a geospatial-driven platform for today’s smart grids. ETAP provides an integrated power system planning, protection, and Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) for visualizing, managing, optimizing and automating – from state to citywide power distribution networks.
  • Microgrid: ETAP is used for detailed analyses and sizing of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and associated equipment. Microgrid Master Controller brings the design to life by connecting the system model with real-time data. A mix of DER along with traditional generation can be included as part of the ETAP Smart Grid and Microgrid, offering a coordinated control between DMS and local microgrid master controllers.

ETAP’s Presence and Products in the Smart Grid Domain
ETAP Grid adds intelligent situational awareness to the power grid operations by offering a comprehensive smart grid solution:

  • Grid Modeling & Visualization – Network model management and intelligent synchronized network views, including Geospatial (GIS) electrical diagrams, Substation diagrams, and Feeder schematic views.
  • Analysis & Optimization – Comprehensive system planning, optimization, and network analysis – from Time Domain Load Flow (TDLF) and Volt/Var Optimization (VVO) to Contingency Analysis (CA) and Fault Location, Isolation & Service Restoration (FLISR).
  • Safety & Protection – Applications for troubleshooting false tripping and mis-operation of protective devices such as impedance relays and fuses, as well as solutions to identify and evaluate various mitigation methods to reduce arc flash hazards.
  • ADMS™ – Advanced Distribution Management System software built on proven ETAP Real-Time™ platform that integrates with GIS, eSCADA, OMS and other applications.
  • iCE™ – Controllers and Remote Terminal Units (RTU) hardware tested with ETAP solutions for optimal performance, fast response, and cyber security.
  • iSub™ – Substation Automation System (SAS) providing protection, Switching Sequence Management, Switching Order Management, automation, and IEC 61850 oriented substation automation.
  • ILS™ – Intelligent Load Shedding system for industrial and utility systems from simple demand response to machine learning, based on high speed load shedding.

Path to a Smarter Grid
ETAP’s objective is to continue innovating, adopting, and integrating new technology in the software’s core design and development, as well as address the specific needs of the industry in some of the world’s most mission-critical projects and smart cities.
“It is challenging, exciting, and rewarding to bring to life a new product while enabling the transformation of our customers’ networks into an intelligent, adaptive, and sustainable grid that provides reliable and quality energy for their respective customers. We are determined to continue developing and deploying our innovative technologies to aid electric utilities to reach their vision of a smarter grid,” states Farrokh Shokooh, President and CEO of ETAP.
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