Essential items for setting up a work office environment

Whether you’re setting up a new business or evolving your existing space, there are so many factors to consider. While there might be some things you forget, there are some essentials that you can’t afford to when setting up your space. Setting up your working area at home will require you to get hands on, especially if you’re wanting to create everything yourself.

Measuring tape

If you’re wanting to build desks, drawers, storage and even an area for your clients to sit, one of the most important things is to get yourself measuring tape. You’ll be able to see what you can and can’t fit into the space, as well as work out how big your desk and work spaces are going to be before you buy supplies. There’s nothing worse than not measuring a piece of wood or metal for desks and cutting it to the wrong size!


Not only will you need to measure everything correctly, but you’ll also need the right tools to get on with the job. Whether you have all the tools you need already or need to stock up on equipment from SGS Engineering, make sure you get everything beforehand so nothing is delayed.

You may need large power tools or small implements, but no matter what you need, the right tools will help you finish the job at hand.



When your office is in full swing and everything has been built and you’re ready to begin trading, you’ll need to order yourself a number of office supplies. Whether you’ve got a relationship with a supplier already or you need to find a new one, ordering everything at the start will mean you’re ready and raring to go. You’ll need things such as printing paper and headed paper, staplers, envelopes, pens and more.

Lighting and space

Everyone needs an optimal working environment in order to work to the best of their ability. Working in a cramped and dimly lit space can have a negative effect on productivity, and if you’re starting a new business it’s not what you want! Make sure there’s enough space – which you’ll have done when measuring everything out – and that you have enough light. This could be natural light if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of windows, or if not, artificial light that isn’t too intense.

If you’re trying to create more space, invest in storage cabinets that can keep your clutter at bay, and if you’re in need of more light, some lamps to help your workforce.

With so many things to get ready, it may seem like an endless task. But once you’re all done and ready to go, you can look back at all the hard work you put in to making your work space just right.

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