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Erickson Incorporated: The Color of Orange Shines In Blue Skies

Aerospace is a field of science in which its maestros have the vision to fly in a third dimension of the atmosphere. Defense companies assist in providing their services by AirCrane, air hogs and many other flying machines. Erickson Incorporated is a Global Aviation Service Company which troubleshoots the crucial problems of firefighting, timber harvesting, and energy power line installation in civil aviation services as well as moves supplies and people in the Global Defense and Security field.
Erickson Incorporated has successfully capped a spiffing experience of nearly 50 years in global aviation services and they believe in their mission to provide customized solutions for each client by implementing unique strategies to facilitate a better solution. For decades, they have been in this business flying myriad helicopters adroitly. No matter where the mission is located or the conditions they face, they are equipped with skilled pilots and crew members to conclude missions successfully.
Evolution of Aircraft to Aircrane At the initial start of the company, Erickson AirCrane was founded by Jack Erickson and located in Central Point, Oregon, USA. Erickson Air-Crane proudly holds the type certificate and serves as the World’s Largest Operator of S-64 Aircranes. They have made over 1,350 innovative majestic improvements to the airframe, instrumentation, and payload capabilities of the helicopter to improve performance, efficiency and safety.
In 2001, the crew of one of Erickson’s helicopters called Elvis, (all Aircranes have a nickname written across the nose of the aircraft) confronted an immense fire in the dense forest of Australia and successfully saved 14 fire fighters. In 2010 Erickson introduced the first S-64 glass cockpit with night vision goggle capabilities. Soon after that, the company acquired Air Amazonia and Evergreen Helicopters for $250 million.
Though the sky’s the limit to provide services to their happy clients, Erickson is working hard on upgrading their offerings by implementing innovative operations, brilliantly. Throughout the whole journey their top priorities have always been safety and quality. Erickson has enrolled in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Safety Management System (SMS) and Voluntary Program. The company also complies to the international standards by working with the FAA and SMS.
Out of the Box Services by Erickson Incorporated
Erickson is taking phenomenal efforts to protect property and make the world a better place. The company conducts business around the globe in North and South America, the Middle East, South Africa, Australia, and the Asia Pacific Region. They have established their brand by providing services in key markets to meet a need—for firefighting, Global Defense and Security, infrastructure construction (HVAC, water and gas lines, dam installations, power line, and wind energy, and in Manufacturing and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul. Erickson is known for provides its services in challenging and remote areas lacking runways, rivers, roadways or railways such as mountain ranges, canyons or remote deserts.
Erickson has strived hard to provide legacy operators with maintenance, supply chain, and engineering solutions to make an aircraft ride reliable. For more than 45 years, Erickson has developed a unique set of capabilities to support, sustain and improve legacy aircraft operational performance. As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and partner for leading helicopters OEMs, we offer fully-integrated maintenance, manufacturing and engineering capabilities and a broad portfolio of turn-key services. Erickson’s design-engineering team is constantly innovating to improve flight performance for its own fleet as well as for customers who entrust their aircraft to Erickson for overhauls and improvements.
Brains Behind Erickson Inc.
Jack Erickson is the Founder of Erickson Inc. As every huge business is born from an idea first, Jack also thought of using Aircranes to improve project work. With ingenuity and elbow grease, he approached how to improve and evolve the market of firefighting. Providing the heavy lift capabilities of the Aircrane is the one great idea Jack picked out from his idea box to help more effectively fight fires through the use of huge hydro tanks that are latched onto the underbelly of the Aircrane to release water and fire retardant for large raging wildfires.
Andrew Mills, CEO of Erickson Inc. joined the organization in 2012. Mr. Mills has made a career in Helicopter Operations and Contracting for the past 25 years. Prior to this organization, he served as General Manager of Carson Helicopters and Director of Operations for Swanson Group Aviation. He also contributed as a Vice President of Operations for Phoenix Geophysics as he played the role of a frontier explorer utilizing helicopter supported geophysical tools. Andrew earned his degree in geophysics.
Vision Hereafter
Erickson Incorporated was started with the purpose of making labor-intensive work easier. They bring out numerous technologies and techniques in an innovative way. Over the course of 50 years of service, they are the esteemed members of the Department of Defense Commercial Airlift Review Board, Oregon OSHO SHARP and many such beaming awards. They dedicatedly work to provide the best aircraft and the best crew in the business.
There many more opportunities to come for the composite blade on compatible airframes in a new market. As experts in most sectors of the aerial services and manufacturing business, team Erickson is set to face the challenge of helping US military forces. They are also working on building the MRO business unit within the defense sector. They believe in Offering a customer-centric strategy in defense business segment to help Erickson gain customer endorsement and lessen disruptive forces. They say, “If we can’t do it, then no one can,” proving their approach to fly their business to the top of peak while driving them to provide exceptionally innovative services to clients

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