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eQuorum Corporation: Helping Businesses Grow with Industry Leading Technology

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” – Scott Belsky, Co-founder of Behance and a renowned business personality.
We might plan building a house alone, but to actually build the house requires many hands. Similarly, to build a business we need a team, and to make it efficient and successful in every perspective, we need to have a selected team of partners who will go that extra mile for the customers; give the necessary effort and take the business to new and redefined heights. One such company doing this is eQuorum Corporation, a Georgia-based Corporation, and a privately held technology firm that was spun out of Byers Engineering Company (as CADNET Corporation) in 1996, after operating as an independent profit center for 9 years.
In 1999, the company changed its name to eQuorum Corporation after its merger with Image Machines Corporation, a Virginia-based company. Both companies were respected in their particular markets—CADNET was well known for its productivity-boosting printing and plotting solutions, whereas Image Machines was recognized for its raster editing, imaging and document management solutions.
A Company’s Services Define its Present and Predicts its Future
eQuorum develops, sells and supports ImageSite, a web-based document management, distribution and collaboration solution;, a Cloud-based content management solution, and Plot Station, enterprise print/plot management software. The extraordinary team at the company focuses on developing high-quality products using the latest technology, providing distinguishably superior customer support, and ensuring long-term relations with its customers with affordable, rock-solid software. The company sells its products through direct sales efforts and in partnership with integrators and software resellers, including Xerox Corporation in a number of countries outside the U.S.
eQuorum provides, a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution, that requires no software, and can be purchased with subscription-based pricing. provides a full-fledged engineering document management solution where users get easy access to a highly competitive solution at an affordable price without needing to deploy software or maintain mobile apps.
The company has designed its solutions in a way that ensures both and ImageSite are highly secure, and is currently used by many government agencies, including NIST. It helps users store, maintain, transmit, and distribute engineering files, their intellectual property, making ImageSite one of the most secure content management solutions on the market. Because eQuorum knows IP security, it also provides full digital transformation alignment consulting as well as NIST/DFARS security assessments.
The Secret Sauce of the Company
eQuorum prides itself on being exceptionally responsive to customer needs and in its ability to understand detailed requirements. The words which define the company are “Accuracy” and “Precision” and being a team of experienced engineers, eQuorum created this extraordinary software with engineers in mind. The company and employees are proud of its engineering heritage and understands the demands and necessities to stay engineers’ favorite. Translating what the engineers want and need into real life value is what keeps the team motivated at eQuorum. “That’s why we say we build software for engineers, built by engineers,” says the CEO of the company.
The lead figure Behind the Extraordinary Company
Scott Brandt, the CEO at eQuorum, leverages his extensive experience in growing and selling niche-based cloud software companies. He has previously grown and sold companies including BACK Aviation Solutions, Accelarad, and Tellisense Medical. Scott has transformed eQuorum from a web-based-on-premise document management company to a Cloud-based SaaS utilizing HTML5 and WebSocket technology.
With more than three decades of rich work experience in operations and finance for growing technology and SaaS companies, Scott is leading the company towards its destined goal. His academic background includes a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Duke University and Masters of Business in Finance from Carnegie Mellon University – Tepper School of Business. Prior to eQuorum, Scott held various top-level positions, including as a principal at both Cresap (a Towers Watson company) and American Management Systems.
His vision for the company’s products includes helping customers access documents/drawings without the need for a client application, or a mobile app for mobile devices, and without the need for a local copy of JAVATM. Its subscription-based Cloud solution, provides the capabilities of a full-fledged content management system to small and medium-sized business with little to no implementation requirements. The product allows corporations to keep all its key intellectual property files and everyday transactional files in a single system with a single viewer with commercial-level security and data management practices.
The Present and the Future of this Innovative Company
The company’s newest and progressive solution,, is being expanded to integrate with several other Cloud-based applications, often used by engineering users and facility managers, including Onshape (a full Cloud-based CAD application), SAML vendors for single-sign on, and Office 365 for documents and presentation editing. Products will eventual include viewing of additional CAD file types, including JT, Revit models, and 3D PDFs in both the on-premise and Cloud products.
While talking about the future plans of the company, Scott mentioned eQuorum is working on initiatives to integrate its premiere product, ImageSite, with corporate Internet-of-Things (IoT) networks, allowing users to monitor and find specific equipment, whether on the production floor, in the field, or based on GIS system coordinates. As part of its expansion of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities, eQuorum is integrating heuristic tagging and predicative analytics into its product suite to assist users in finding needed documents/drawings and in creating maintenance and retention alerts to better manage key lifecycle events associated to products and engineering changes.