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EPI-USE Labs: Improving Performance by Leveraging SAP Systems

SAP® systems contain highly sensitive information, from CEO’s salary to pricing and rebate information. Ensuring this business data is managed securely is of utmost importance. EPI-USE Labs is a global software solutions and managed services company with over 35 years of experience. Its products and services enable organizations to accelerate the performance of their SAP and SAP Success Factors systems in areas such as test data and landscape management, data copying, data security, anonymization and privacy, HCM reporting, cloud solutions, and much more.
Global Presence 
As a global company with offices throughout Europe, the Americas, the UK, Australia, the Philippines, South Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, and over 950 clients across 48 countries, EPI-USE Labs’ 98% client renewal rate speaks for itself.
Enabling Faster, Accurate Decisions 
EPI-USE Labs helps its clients maximize the performance of their SAP systems so they can make faster, more accurate business decisions. Its solutions and services simplify and speed up data management, giving its clients the tools to navigate small and large business challenges successfully. Its software, value-added solutions and managed services create better, more powerful SAP systems, saving clients time, money and resources.
Value through Innovation 
Phillip Stofberg is the dynamic CEO and Founder of EPI-USE Labs. The company’s strong client-centric culture is based on his firm belief in listening to clients and responding to their needs. He says, “We are a fast growing company that has been a profitable business from day one. A big reason for our success is our loyal client base. We get a lot of quality feedback and ideas from them. Our clients are very astute, so we listen to them.” Stofberg further adds, “I view our clients as investors in our company that must get a solid return on the investment they made when they bought our software and the trust placed in our company. We have a constant dialogue with our clients. We make sure we respond to that feedback by building ideas and suggestions from our clients into our platform and our solutions.” He says that EPI-USE Labs has invested significantly in Research and Development over the years, and its clients get evident benefits from this. The company has a strong belief in adding value to its clients by genuinely looking after them, as reflected in its slogan, ‘value through innovation’.
Stofberg says, “We relentlessly focus on creating innovative, well-engineered new solutions which add value to our clients. We respond to changes in the market not by just following the latest fad, but by really standing back and looking at a bigger picture and trying to figure out what the real driver is for those changes, and then what solutions we can provide. That means our clients can be assured that we are constantly keeping on top of changes in the market and adjusting our strategy accordingly. We believe clients should have choices, so we want to expand their options.”
Solving SAP Challenges EPI-USE Labs helps its clients to solve their SAP challenges across a wide range of areas. These include: Ÿ

  • securing sensitive SAP data
  • achieving regulatory compliance
  • delivering next generation HR
  • generating reliable test data
  • optimizing their SAP landscapes
  • simplifying SAP upgrades.

It offers industry-specific scrambling policies that allow clients to accelerate their data protection initiatives and provides controls to reduce their data-leakage risks.
Managing Information Systems’ Risk 
Organizations everywhere increasingly depend on information systems to accelerate their core business. Everything from finance, communications, human resources and payroll to customer relations, decision-making and manufacturing can come to a virtual standstill if information systems fail. And they do, in various ways. With millions of lines of code from different vendors interacting, information systems acting in unison are some of the most complex engineering projects of the business world. On top of that, businesses customize systems to fit their unique requirements. With all this complexity comes a risk. But risks can be managed by employing precise solutions. With huge experience in information systems, EPI-USE Labs has developed risk management services to help executive teams measure and manage information systems’ risk.
Cutting-edge Development 
At the heart of EPI-USE Labs is a culture of driving value through innovation. Research and Development (R&D) is very important to the company, and it spends around 23% of its revenue on R&D activities. This single-minded drive helps it develop superior products and provide ongoing product updates. It makes sure that the company’s software is not only at the cutting-edge of technological advancement, but is aligned with their clients’ changing needs on an ongoing basis.
Protecting Elephants, Rhinos and People 
EPI-USE Labs is a proud member of which employs 2,000 people and is largely employee owned. also owns and funds a non-profit entity called Elephants, Rhinos & People (ERP) focusing on the preservation of at-risk elephants and rhinos through the economic upliftment of rural people in areas adjacent to these threatened species.