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Ennetix: Holistic Cloud-based Network Performance Analytics at Scale

Cloud providers typically offer different service levels, and associated prices, for different sizes of virtual machine, memory, and disk storage. However, while all cloud providers provide network connectivity to tenant VMs, they occasionally make promises about network performance, but cloud tenants can also severely suffer from highly-variable, erratic network performance.
Ennetix, a leading provider of Cloud-based Network Performance Analytics, is singularly focused on accurately finding performance issues in complex networks, and providing solutions to Network Operation teams for proactively managing such issues. Based on its interaction with clients, Ennetix founders observed that there is no lack of network data or methods to extract that data from a network’s infrastructure. There is, however, a shortage of scalable processes that can effectively extract actionable insights from all that data. Yet, this process is manual, mundane, and time consuming. In many organizations, network data is readily available for only a short period of time, leading to guesswork and finger pointing. In all cases, effective management relies too heavily on human factors, such as the network administrator’s depth and breadth of technical expertise, experience, and familiarity with the network infrastructure.
The Visionary Leader
Biswanath Mukherjee aka Bis, is a world leader and visionary in the area of networking, and the Founder & President of Ennetix. Over the past three decades, he has pioneered several ground-breaking solutions for worldwide telecom networks, which underpin today’s Internet. Additionally, Bis was the co-founder of a telecom startup and has served on boards of numerous startups. He is also a distinguished professor of Computer Science at University of California, Davis and holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Washington, Seattle, and B.Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He has also served on eight journal editorial boards, most notably IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and IEEE Network. Mukherjee is an energetic entrepreneur and is excited about solving the networking challenges of the next decade.
A Research-Based Organization
The Ennetix solution is an off-shoot of the research conducted by its founder Bis at UC Davis, which was very interesting academically, Bis said, but did not address real-world problems people would be willing to pay to solve. As a result, he adopted his work to develop Ennetix. In fact, Ennetix was the first entity that was nurtured through a new UC Davis incubator, the Engineering Translational Technology Center, and has received $2.3M in grants from the US Department of Energy’s Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR).
Hindsight, Insight, and Foresight
As businesses migrate data centers and applications to the cloud, managing the underlying network infrastructure has become increasingly complex. With a distributed network infrastructure, a significant part of the network is now under the administrative control of third-party service providers. Monitoring network performance and identifying the root cause of performance-related issues have grown even more challenging. Businesses implement new ways to deliver service to their customers; and the growth in application traffic and the unpredictability of the demand for network resources further compound this issue.
Consequently, network infrastructure planning proves to be a huge challenge. Today, network performance management involves wading through large amounts of network data, assuming such historical data is readily available. In most organizations today, network administrators are constantly “fire-fighting,” jumping from issue to issue, triaging them as quickly as possible, and applying “band-aid” solutions without proper root-cause identification.
The information that Ennetix provides enable network operations teams to meet the challenges inherent in managing the performance of today’s networks, both on-premise and in the cloud. The Ennetix solution combines continuous monitoring, advanced analytics based on proprietary machine learning algorithms, and interactive visualizations to provide customers a holistic set of analytics. Ennetix helps its clients to get a better handle on managing a hybrid infrastructure and determine exactly what happened (hindsight), predict what is going to happen (insight), and assess how it would need to address severe problems, after the occurrence (foresight).
Planning for the Road Ahead
Currently, Ennetix solution is deployed at several organizations, including mid to large size companies, very large-sized universities, and talks with several other organizations are in progress. Looking ahead, Ennetix is pursuing a global expansion strategy and has contracts signed up in international markets.
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