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Enimbos: Offering Comprehensive IT Solutions

In an interview with Insights Success, Jesús Gironda, CTO of Enimbos, shares insights on how the company has become a leader in cloud migration and operations and what are the lessons that it learned along the way. Also, he broadly discusses the company’s core competencies and the services it offers.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Jesús and Insights Success.
Give a brief overview of the Enimbos and its vision.
Created in 2016, Enimbos is a leading expert in cloud migration and operation. With more than 60 high skilled cloud professionals, the company has more than 140 customers and top certifications with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. We use the most innovative technologies and develop our own Software as a Service platform to increase control, automate and secure the hybrid and multi-cloud environment for large Corporations, reducing their costs over a 40%.
How do you diversify your products and solutions in order to benefit your customers?
Enimbos’s success is based on providing the agility that larger companies do not have, offering benefits to our clients in terms of delivery time, automation and costs saving. Our value proposition is focused on providing advanced cloud managed services. On one hand, we offer our clients advisory service for defining efficient hybrid architectures which integrates tools for monitoring the multi-cloud environment, and its objective is the optimization and costs saving. This is our Compass® service. Enimbos also offers administration and 24/7 motorization services, using automation tools, control solutions and integrating DevOps procedures. This ensures the highest safety standards. This is the Sailor® service.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of Enimbos.
We have learnt several lessons during this two-year journey. The most relevant for us is being flexible, as suppliers who adapt themselves to our customers’ needs and, at the same time, run away from the traditional outsourcing model in order to avoid technological dependency. Our customers demand us complete “tailormade” solutions. Our model is infinitely more evolved, close and agile than the one used by the “traditional players”. Our proposal is based on an industrialized model in a “pret-a-porter” mode but tailored for covering our customer’s needs. We base our strategy on the disruptive innovation, running away from conformism and seeking excellence is our strength. Our long-term goal is to become a global reference in the “Cloud Enabling” thanks to our Software as a Service tool. And I am convinced we are on our way.
Give a detailed description of the featured person’s roles in the company.
I am a Computer Engineer and have graduated as Executive MBA from IE Business School. I started my professional career in 2004 as a System Engineer at Indra ATM. In 2006 I joined Telvent, where I held the positions of Director of Center of Excellence, managing a team of 50 engineers and Director of Innovation, leading the company’s R&D plan. Since October 2016, I have held the position of Chief Technology Officer at Enimbos. My role at Enimbos is focused on two different areas. On one hand, leading the technical area and innovating every day, deciding which technologies we use, when and why we implement them, which alliances we make and when we carry them out. I am also responsible of defining the architecture for our clients, its execution and implementation.
What are the evident challenges in the ICT services industry?
The evolution of SaaS and multi-cloud solutions generates a very complex and highly entropy environment. This situation additionally assumes new windows for cyberattacks. Besides, organizations have decentralized their decision-making process from IT as the CIO is not the technology owner anymore; he is now just managing them. For companies, the challenge in the ITC environment is certainly simplifying and securing the new paradigm.
What are the current trends that are driving the industry?
The industry key trends are maximizing the knowledge based on using IoT and Big Data solutions, making the decision making process easier with Artificial Intelligence tools, reducing cyber-attacks risks and aligning IT costs with business needs, always looking for maximum efficiency.
Considering the rising number of ICT solution providers, how does Enimbos stand out from its competitors?
We are focusing our differentiation in four pillars: expertise in operating critical systems, defining efficient architectures agnostically to our cloud providers, focusing on FinOps while guarantying the maximum technology alignment with business needs and using the most innovative technologies.
Client Testimonials
“Enimbos, as a technological expert of on-site and cloud systems management, allowed us through its experience and good professional practices, to carry out the migration of the hosting of our high availability platform. In the same way, the good daily doing of its professionals, makes the platform work correctly in an uninterrupted way providing the 24/7 service required in the hospital systems.”

– Luis Peñas, CIO at Orden Hospitalaria San Juan de Dios

“Enimbos has shown itself as a company with great professionals who have a high level of expertise and with whom coordination is not a problem but a virtue. Their closeness becomes palpable in the day to day where they have no problems in applying effective solutions to the daily problems. They have helped us to take a technologically key step: migrating to AWS our self-designed platform, making us feel confident in a field in which we are not experts.”

– Roberto Adarve, CTO at Zankyou