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Enimbos: Expert in Migration and Exploitation of Cloud

In an interview with Insights Success, Founder and CEO of Enimbos Global Services S.L., Javier De La Cuerda shed a light on Enimbos, its services and vision. He also notes future aspects of the organization and some of the pivotal experiences that shaped his noteworthy journey.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Javier De La Cuerda and Insights Success:

  • Give a brief overview of Enimbos Global Services and its solutions and services?

Enimbos is a Spanish company expert in the migration and exploitation of the cloud created in 2016. With a team of 55 professionals with the highest certifications in the cloud, the company has a portfolio of more than 80 clients and has established strategic alliances with the most innovative cloud like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
Regarding its services, Enimbos has a value proposal based on 2 axes:
The first axis focuses on managed services in the cloud. Enimbos gives the best support to the development and exploitation technical team of the client. This service helps on the development of the strategy regarding the cloud of companies by incorporating the most powerful tools for the management of costs and resources in the cloud and with control policies through alarms, personalized reports and optimizing resources and expenses. On the other hand, Enimbos offers 24/7 monitoring services, implementing alerts and automating the administration and deployment of applications, providing the dedication of AWS certified engineers, Azure and GCP. All in order to optimize the cloud platform of its customers. This supports an advanced automation and control solutions, integrating DevOps tools and processes. All this ensuring the highest safety standards.
The second axis is a commitment to innovation in the SaaS environment in the Cloud. Skytuneup is a platform that helps companies by saving, automating and protecting cloud infrastructures. The platform has a cloud price prediction analysis engine that allows decision-making in real time and the management of self-escalation groups in different areas of availability and different types of instances. The client will pay based on the savings achieved, benefiting from a one-stop-shop platform that will help automate the tasks of turning on, off or sizing of machines according to the tagging and applying the policies and plans defined by the business itself.

  • How do you diversify your product offerings to appeal to your target audience?

The structure of Enimbos provides the company with an agility that larger companies do not have, benefiting customers in terms of implementation times and cost savings. The target market is large corporations or companies that are born fully leveraged in the “new economy” and that maximize their activity in ecommerce solutions or large content distribution.
The business strategy of Enimbos is based on the hyper-verticalization of its value proposition, being able to have a highly differentiated proposal in the Media, Retail, Industry, Assurance, Utilities, Public Administration, Education and Healthcare sectors.

  • What are the core strengths of Enimbos Global Services offerings?

Enimbos is distinguished by the application of an innovative operating model that is fully scalable and close to customers. Enimbos solutions offer incorporates the benefits of the most innovative tools in cloud management and saving.

  • What historical forces, achievements or learning have shaped the journey of the company?

Most of our team comes from large multinational providers of “traditional” IT outsourcing services. On top of that, our model is infinitely more evolved, close and agile than the one used by those “Traditional Players”. Our proposal is based on an industrialized model ready-to-wear but always tailored for our clients.

  • Give a detailed explanation regarding the Founder/CEO/Management’s contribution in the industry and the company?

Javier De La Cuerda Pérez – CEO of Enimbos
Founder and CEO of Enimbos. Electronic Engineer and Industrial Organization, DEA in Business Administration, master’s in business management by ESADE, PDG by IESE and SEP by the London Business School. He started his professional career at GEA Tuchenhagen as Electrical and Automation Engineer. He has held the positions of Director of Business Development at Interxion and Principal Consultant at Equant (France Telecom). In the year 2005 enters Telvent. Since 2011, he has assumed the responsibilities of Executive VP, President and CEO of Telvent Global Services. At the end of 2016, Enimbos was created. A company focused on the Transformation to the Cloud of Medium and Large Corporations in Spain.

  • Where does Enimbos Global Services sees itself in the near future and what are its future goals?

Enimbos wants to consolidate itself as the reference in migration and exploitation of the cloud in Spain and grow internationally in Europe and the United States. The objective of accelerating its growth and reaching 20 million euros of turnover in 2020.

  • How do integrators/managed service providers/value-added resellers and public sector partners benefit by doing business with your company?

In all the projects in which we participate, we managed to reduce the costs of our customers in more than 40%. Additionally, we provide them with tools to improve control.

  • Give us some testimonials of your clients that accurately highlights company name’s standing in the market.

We work with more than 80 clients, among which we can mention GrupoZeta, San Juan de Dios, ICEX, Homeserve, Hawaiianas Group, AIREF, the Metropolitan Transport of Malta.
With Enimbos we understood each other from the beginning. They knew how to design the project we were looking for, the right mix between public and private Cloud, and incorporate all those differential solutions that make our architecture unique. – Maribel Monge, CIO at HOMESERVE
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