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EnergySolve: The Energy Saving Giant

We all have probably heard the grownups in our house say “Turn off the light!” or “Close the refrigerator door!” Have we ever wondered why?  The energy is there whenever we need it, so it’s easy to forget where it comes from, or how much it costs. Energy isn’t free. The grownups in our house pay for the electricity we use. So wasting energy is the same as wasting money and we know that’s not a good idea. We all should be aware of where the energy is coming from and where it is going. An electricity audit lets you know the use of energy along with the wastage of energy. An electricity audit can help you to identify waste so that you can resolve the problems that are causing you to use more electricity than necessary. The need for an electricity audit has grown at an extreme rate over the years. That’s when EnergySolve comes into the picture.
EnergySolve is a utility bill outsourcing firm that provides electronic utility bill auditing, tariff analysis, late fee avoidance, and flexible bill payment solutions that create significant cost savings for its customers. Their Utility Bill Analytic Reporting (UBAR) system captures important energy information that enables their customers to better manage their energy and other utilities spend. EnergySolve’s energy management consulting services assist customers in the development of energy and utility management strategies to procure energy at the most advantageous cost without increasing risk.
Protecting Environment for the Future
EnergySolve was formed to develop a software system to manage and pay utility bills for end users as well as provide energy information to clients so that they could make informed business decisions on how to reduce their energy consumption, and spend while protecting the environment at the same time. The software that was developed has provided services to many governmental entities (State of New Jersey) and national companies (GoodYear). Currently, EnergySolve serves as a joint venture partner with AvidXchange to manage the State of New Jersey Energy Tracking and Bill Management System.
The company has a sole motive of reducing energy expenses up to 33% with Energy Management Services. It aims to save more than 70% in Utility Bill Pay processing costs. To increase the reach, it has made 24/7 availability anywhere around the world. The firm tracks energy consumption and automates ENERGY STAR reporting.
Since 1986, EnergySolve’s employees have helped customers reduce energy costs through innovative energy solutions. These solutions have significantly reduced energy consumption in over 1,000 facilities throughout the United States and have produced hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for the customers. The company focuses on providing multi-facility customers with a web-enabled Bill Outsourcing Platform that provides the information and services they need to drive down their operating costs.
The Proficient in Energy Sector
Sheldon Lynn Sutcliffe, the Founder and CEO, is responsible for the leadership and oversight of the EnergySolve LLC. Mr. Sutcliffe brought 26 years of experience in the energy services industry to EnergySolve.  He was the General Counsel of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee that had jurisdiction over all electric and gas utility issues. He left the Commerce Committee to become one of the founding partners, and the managing partner, of Van Ness, Feldman, Sutcliffe & Curtis, P.C. (Currently VanNess Feldman), a law firm nationally recognized for its expertise in energy law and policy; he continued with that firm until 1990. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of several energy service companies since 1990. Mr. Sutcliffe’s expertise includes a wide range of business, legislative, regulatory, contractual, and financial issues associated with the energy and environment industries.  Mr. Sutcliffe has twice served as the president of the National Association of Energy Service Companies and was a member of the Energy and Transportation Task Force of the President’s Council on Sustainability in 1996. Mr. Sutcliffe currently serves on the Energy Efficiency Committee of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ Clean Energy Council and the Energy Futures Coalition funded by the Turner Foundation.
The Customers
EnergySolve has served all kinds of energy users. Currently, EnergySolve is specialized in providing services to governmental energy users. For example, it pays all the utility bills of the State of New Jersey, New Jersey Transit, Jersey City, Newark Housing Authority, a number of secondary school districts, several colleges and universities, and a number of Counties. The vast number of customers and increased need for energy audits is making EnergySolve the preferred for the new energy users.
Future Perspective
The firm aims to lead the way in solving the problem of global climate change because energy efficiency is the least expensive path. The need for measuring and verifying the reduction of GHG from energy efficiency will become a global imperative. A standard way of measuring the reduction will have to emerge if GHG reduction goals are to be realized. This will require the use of metered data rather than estimates of savings where gaming can occur. EnergySolve is planning to play a significant role in developing the measurement systems that will be needed to make sure that the GHG savings from energy efficiency are honestly tracked and reported.