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Elon Musk funds for the Twitter’s Bid

Elon Musk secures his $46.5 billion. He has committed to putting $21 billion of equity into $12.5 billion for margin loans to finance the transaction. Banks, including Morgan Stanley, have agreed to provide $13 billion in debt secured against Twitter, according to the filling.

Elon Musk is an active user of Twitter with 80 million followers. He had made many announcements on Twitter, and some of his announcements have landed him in the hot waters with US regulators.

Elon says that Twitter refused his offer and has adopted the ‘poison pill’ to thwart the billionaires. He offered Twitter $43 billion to buy its social media platform. He also says, “free speech absolutist,” social media company Twitter needs to be privatized to grow to great heights, and it should become the platform for free speech.

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