Elias Chabtini: Becoming a Trendsetter in Cosmetic Industry

Meet Elias Chabtini, Founder and CEO of Medica Group, is an entrepreneur and visionary businessman. Elias today is an experienced individual in the Medico – Aesthetic Industry within the Middle East Region and with leading the business he actively guided the company towards becoming an influential organization in 11 markets across MENA and South East Asia.
Back then in 1999; $500,000 was invested in Medica and today the company is worth over $100 million dollar. By end of 2024, Medica is looking to exponentially grow its revenue, by strengthening its footprint in the GCC and expanding in Africa, North Africa and Asia; not to mention looking at acquisitions and mergers with other companies in the Gulf Region.
Chabtini is additionally renowned for his international leadership and expertise in non-invasive cosmetic surgery; and his 20 years of experience and consumer center practices have placed him as one of the 100 inspiring Leaders in the Middle East “Arabian Business”.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Insights Success and Elias Chabtini:
How do you diversify your organization’s healthcare offerings to entice the target audience?
Medica is known for its customer centricity, it provides 360 solutions to its clients/ partners ranging from consulting, educating to logistics and marketing. Medica also owns A wide range of portfolio across different aesthetics verticals: equipment, injectables, cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals and the dental. Medica operates across 11 countries.
As a director and business leader, describe the challenges you are having during the pandemic COVID-19 and what initiatives are you taking to mitigate them.
Medica was at the top of the Game during the COVID crisis being ensuring agility and adaptability on the business front and with the ultimate objective to protect the business and the employees, Medica resorted to a three phased approached to ensure the sustainability

  1. Safety and Welfare of employees and their engagement through internal training
  2. Studied and examined how to dynamically transform the business model-
  3. Stabilizing the financials
  4. Mitigating the risks
  5. E-learning, training, Webinars, Instagram live- Medica as a conversation catalyst between the doctors and the end consumers
  6. Capturing the upside and growth by fast tracking the digital transformation
    On the Marketing front, Medica swiftly and proactively reacted by creating the Medica cares social platform, accelerating digital presence to ensure the full support of the partners (learning, marketing)
  7. Charity, Live Panels, Precautionary measures and tips, etc…

As a keynote business leader, what are some of the vital attributes that every leader should possess?
Forward-thinking vision – Every great leader is a dreamer, to one degree or another. However, it’s not enough to simply dream big, you need to have the vision to make your goals a reality
Knowledge– Knowledge is power! translating his knowledge into initiatives that benefit their organization
Dedication –Dedicated to what he does, and demonstrates the resilience, determination and commitment required to achieve results.
Passion– Fully engaged and committed to achieving his goals while helping others achieving theirs through spreading a positive contagious energy.
How do you maintain balance between your professional & personal life?
A healthy & happy personal life is the key for a successful professional life, I make sure my personal quality time is well spent and never compromise that.
How do you sustain your creative leadership spirit in this crucial time?
By seeing things from a positive angle and by finding new opportunities in the current situation
What are your future endeavors/objectives and where do you see yourself in the near future?
Leading the Industry by creating the necessary and proactive disruptions to fully transform the current industry modules & ecosystem
What advice would you like to give to the emerging business leaders/entrepreneurs?
Believe in what you do! Stay motivated, persistent and never give up