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Arun Samuga | Chief Technology Officer | Elemica

Elemica: The Best Performing Supply Chain Management Company

The basis for competition for manufacturing businesses today is not between companies but between supply chains, which need to be agile and transparent for businesses to succeed. Supply chain visibility brings transparency to what is happening within the supply chain. When supply chains are connected to a Digital Supply Network, visibility to future demand, disruptions, and challenges are seen and strategies designed to help the business overcome any issues. Understanding what is happening within suppliers, logistics service providers, buyers and other trading partners can mitigate any unforeseen risks.
The Elemica Digital Supply Network platform enables manufacturing businesses to support their trading partners with a real-time information sharing environment to ensure supply chain excellence. The result is an uninterrupted supply for critical parts in real-time, less waste, tracking and tracing of shipments, and the ability to respond quicker to changes in demand for improved customer expectations and better bottom-line profitability.
Leading with Advance Technology
A disruptive company is one that offers technology that makes significant changes within the market by disrupting established processes, products and mindsets to transform a business. Elemica’s patented Digital Supply Network (DSN) is a disruptive technology that integrates and synchronizes product, demand, and supply networks. The data is used for analytics, delivering intelligent visibility in terms of logistics, customer service, and procurement to drive new revenue streams and business models.
Elemica’s Digital Supply Network is more effective than competitors because many companies on the network are discovering that their suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers are already on the network. The effort to on-board partners is quick and easy and decreases with network reuse.
Exclusive Pack of Services
Elemica created a Digital Supply Network connecting global manufacturing industries with their suppliers, logistics service providers, and their customers. This digital network facilitates global trade and transactions enabling business with each other for maximum efficiency. The network and unique applications allow participants to react to supply/demand changes for their products.
Elemica’s offerings include Elemica Buy, Sell, Move, See, and Quality. Elemica Buy leverages digital procure-to-pay process automation to manage supplier relationships. Elemica Sell automates the order-to-cash process with customers. Elemica Move connects companies with their logistics service providers for transportation execution, visibility, and freight cost management.
Elemica See brings visibility from raw materials to end customer delivery for real-time monitoring of orders and shipments. Elemica Quality ensures supply chain product quality by connecting trading partners into the quality and compliance-based solution.
Coping with Advancement
Disruptive logistics and supply chain technologies include cloud computing, blockchain, machine learning, and the Internet of Things. The Elemica cloud-based network is based on event management and rules that run a consistent canonical model that is completely API-driven. With this base, the rationalization of business processes is modeled to take advantage of machine learning and blockchain quite easily.
Elemica has integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), capturing data from devices and sensors for many years. Blockchain has been implemented with clients to address rdspecific use cases for their supply chains allowing 3 parties to leverage the blockchain, applications, smart contracts, and functions of the blockchain.
A Perfect Fit for a Perfect Job
Arun Samuga is Chief Technology Officer of Elemica a global SaaS-based Supply Chain Network soft arre solution. He joined Elemica in 2009 through a merger with Rubber Network. Promoted to CTO in 2018, Arun leads Elemica’s global development organization and is responsible for the continued d velopment of neew sof are products and solutions.
Arun has more than 20 years of relevant global industry experience in the Software and IT Services market.  Prior to Elemica, Arun worked for RubberNetwork as the Director of Supply Chain Implementation and as a Supply Chain Project Manager. He was also a Senior Integration Consultant and Integration Technical Lead.
Arun is a member of the Forbes Tech Council and Supply Chain Insights Network of Networks. He has been awarded a Provider Pros to Know award several times from Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. He also has achieved 3 US patents for messaging technologies over the Digital Supply Network. He frequently writes articles for industry and trade journals. Arun is an MBA graduate from Georgia State University with a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.
Multi-national Transportation Management System
Elemica will introduce several new products in 2020 from development and acquisition. The company recently acquired Eyefreight, a leading multi-national and multimodal transportation management system (TMS). The addition of the TMS capabilities from Eyefreight with the Elemica Digital Supply Network provides clients, a single platform for multi-national shipment optimization, freight settlement, and execution.
Solid Technology Partner
Today and in the future, Elemica supports clients as a solid technology partner. The organization facilitates and supports the digital transformation of client organizations through innovation. Next-generation technologies like blockchain, machine learning, IoT, supply chain quality, and others continue to be integrated into the network based on market demands. Elemica will continue to grow globally and vertically into adjacent markets including pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and CPG.
Elemica utilizes Universal Business Documents (UBDs) that have a “connect-once, connect-all” philosophy. Universal Business Documents enable the synchronization of how a business communicates with each other across different cultures, languages, time zones, and country-specific governance using a common method. UBDs are important as businesses enable relationships with partners around specific supply chain processes.