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Electric car maker close to level 5 autonomous driving technology

The biggest electric car maker in the US, Tesla inc has been reported to be very close to obtaining the Level 5 autonomous driving technology. Tesla’s Chief Executive Elon Musk stated that all the cars manufactured with this newer technology would be capable enough to navigate the roads without any driver input. Pittsburgh car accident lawyers tell us that in 2018, 62 pedestrians were killed by cars, so the danger is not just simply to people inside of vehicles.
He also stated that he is confident in his bet that cars could be built up to a level 5 or complete autonomy and also that this would be happening soon in the coming days. Elon Musks message had been broadcasted during the opening of Shanghai’s annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC).
The sponsors for the autonomous driving industry have been ginormous. Tech companies such as Uber technologies and Alphabet Inc Waymo have been known to have invested billions in this industry. This is supposedly an ongoing process and would take public acknowledgment of this industry to be able to have major scale sponsors.
Tesla is a California based auto manufacturing company that currently dealas with Autopilot driver-assistance system. This company had become the highest valued automaker as its shares surged and they took over the market from their competitors Toyota Motors Corp.