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EIGHT: Helping People Conquer Sleep Related Problems

We live in an environment where around 35 percent of the total population is sleep deprived. Still, this remains one of the most neglected aspects of human activities. Eight was born in 2014 with the mission of improving the way we sleep through technology. In 2015, the company launched its first product, The Eight Sleep Tracker. After months of preparation, it launched a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which raised over $1.5 million in pre-order sales. Eight has been successful ever since Indiegogo, launched the first smart mattress by early 2016 and adding two more smart mattresses to the collection by 2017, making Eight the most advanced sleep enhancement system on the market.
A Leader who believes that Sleep can be engineered to Perfection 
Not so long ago, Matteo Franceschetti, the CEO and Cofounder of Eight started taking interest in sleep. He was quite frustrated with how tired he felt in the morning regardless of how long he slept at night. Soon, Matteo started to question the status quo of sleep and realized that the way we sleep hasn’t fundamentally changed for centuries. Humans lay down on a padded surface and close their eyes, that’s it. Matteo wanted to disrupt this notion and upgrade sleep by using technology. He believed in technology and thought it can help every person in the planet to sleep better, so Matteo formed Eight. Thanks to his vision, the whole team of Eight is driven by a belief — sleep can be engineered to perfection. Now the company develops the most innovative, and data driven products for sleep enhancement.
Catering to the Needs and addressing all the Common Causes of Bad Sleep 
If you compare mattresses, unlike all the other, the smart mattresses from Eight are designed to cater to the needs of the users. It addresses all the common causes like discomfort, wrong temperature in bed and bedroom, light in the environment, and an inconsistent routine that leads to a bad sleep. One of the main USP of the mattress is dual-zone bed warming, where one can easily warm up each side of the bed individually. Eight designs its mattresses for couples, so one person can turn on the bed warming while another can keep it off. In fact, everything about the smart mattress is designed for two people in mind. This means that two people can share the bed but can have totally different experiences. In addition to these, Eight’s smart mattresses are built to be the hub for the users’ smart home. It can connect to any WiFi device such as Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, and Nest Thermostat. One can even create automatic triggers that will dim the lights as soon as the user gets into bed and can brew coffee as soon as the user wakes up. These automations are not just gimmicks, they allow the user to design his ideal environment conducive to the best sleep. The technology takes care of everything, so the user can be fast asleep. Eights’ smart mattress is also entirely controlled through an app, which is constantly being improved based on user feedback.
Enhancing the Sleep Experience 
To help users wake up refreshed, the Eight Smart Mattress uses a smart alarm to wake users up during light sleep. It also coaches them to sleep the hours they need and sleep them well, by seamlessly tracking sleep every night and following up with personalized recommendations. Eight senses and analyzes over 15 factors from user sleep patterns and bedroom environment to determine the conditions that helps them to get the best rest possible.
When most Sophisticated Technologies are a Core Part of its DNA 
R&D, machine learning, and the most sophisticated technologies are a core part of Eights’ DNA. Even though the company sells smart mattresses, it is not a mattress company. Eight is a tech company first, and the products are enabled through powerful software that continues to improve. Eight is one of few companies that holds patent in the smart sleeping space. While everyone is getting excited in 2018 regarding sleep technology, Eight already has the advantage with years of tracked data. Having tracked over 20 million hours of sleep and analyzed over 200 billion data points to date, Eight is leveraging machine learning to extract information from sleep data and discovering things that have not yet been discovered in the field of sleep research.
Personalizing the way People Sleep 
According to Eight, humans are living in an increasingly tired society where more than 35 percent people is sleep deprived and more than 60 percent Americans are suffering from sleep related problems. The last major innovation in sleep was memory foam, and that was invented back in 1966. Since then nothing much has changed and Eight aims to change that. It is redesigning the traditional concept of mattresses by making them smart. Eight is constantly evolving to become the most aspirational, technologically-advanced sleep enhancement company on the market. Look out for its new products and features coming soon. The company believes that smart mattresses will eventually replace standard mattresses. In a few years from now, sleep will be different from now and technology will be driving this evolution. Sleep will come down to personalized optimization. The environment will adapt to every human individual need in real-time, so people can achieve maximum recovery and rest.
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