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Eiffel Corp

Eiffel Corp: Sculpting the Future of Learning

Digital Learning is the future and already here. Currently, blended learning is in vogue, balancing the traditional mode and the emerging trends for efficient education. Experts suggest that the global digital education market will grow to nearly USD 33.2 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 31.4%. The market will be driven by factors including increased internet penetration which facilitates online learning, reduced infrastructure cost, and escalating demand for micro-learning.
However, the predicted growth is not uniform across the globe. While some countries are way ahead, if one draws a growth curve, some still have a lot to catch up with. The reasons for this uneven distribution vary from a lack of infrastructure to the socio-economic and political landscape as well.
If we focus on Africa, the mentioned factors make growth difficult consequently affecting factors such as access to education, infrastructure, and funding. Creating access to learning through traditional education facilities, has been an ongoing challenge to many governments and providers across Africa. Resources and access to funding have always been and will continue to be a challenge for African universities.
Challenges apart, this also provides an opportunity to innovate as only Africans can and in this lies a real opportunity to thrive. This is what Ian Light, CEO, Eiffel Corp is trying to do along with his team.
Eiffel Corp, one of Africa’s leading digital education companies, believes that gaining and building the trust of their educators and institutions in delivering world-class education to students, is the reason they have been successful over the past 22 years and have expanded their services across Africa and abroad.
Advanced Solutions
Eiffel Corp was founded by Andre and Gwen Van der Merwe, two individuals passionate about education and extremely proud to have been at the forefront of popularizing learning technology in universities throughout Africa. Their pioneering spirit has enabled Eiffel Corp to the level of an industry leader and a respected contributor to digital education innovation.
Eiffel Corp offers a range of best of breed technology and services that span the entire student life-cycle. Proudly South African (BBBEE Level 2), Eiffel Corp has over 20 years’ worth of experience, both in Africa and abroad. It works with organizations to select the technology and services that are optimal for all their learning, administration, communication, and wellness needs.
It consults, deploys, and supports both the organization and its people, to adopt the technology in everyday activities, as they scale, adapt, and evolve. It also guides organizations as they prepare for tomorrow, today by helping them realize the potential of technology in education.
Eiffel Corp enables educational institutions to support the learner of today, and tomorrow, by partnering with them to build high-quality digital environments and opportunities for learning. It helps the institutions make more proactive, data-driven decisions allowing them to target, engage, and retain the right students and foster student success. It enhances learning and knowledge construction by using next-generation learning tools and pedagogically-appropriate methods.
Technology – the Enabler
Eiffel Corp’s products include Academia, for automation of academic and administrative processes; Turnitin, which assists universities to ensure academic integrity, Modo Campus, for creating campus apps; Symplicity for career management integrating employability; and Symplicity Advocate for students conduct and behavioral intervention management among several others.
Eiffel Corp’s solutions help institutions to make more proactive, data-driven decisions that guarantee higher student engagement and success. It also helps them to streamline administrative functions and effective campus management. The solutions help manage highly trained and accredited teaching staff as well as greater opportunities to generate third-stream income from existing student activity. The company also offer enhanced ROI on edtech investments and training program.
All these benefits are delivered with Eiffel Corp’s strongest ally- technology. Stefan du Plessis, Chief Commercial Officer at Eiffel Corp, explains that Eiffel Corp’s focus is innovation, not invention, and understands that one organization can’t solve both learners’ and partners’ problems on their own. “Apart from our own arch and development, we keep abreast of the latest digital developments across various sectors and continuously explore how we can leverage these to address partner challenges,” says Du Plessis.
“EdTech is working in Africa and although there are numerous obstacles, African organizations have come up with some of the most innovative solutions to resolve the challenges. Our educational institutions have been at the forefront of digital adoption for many years. With the next level of unprecedented global growth to come from this continent; we must understand that organizations invest in EdTech solutions to make quality education accessible and impactful to everyone. Eiffel Corp has the experience to deliver fit for purpose EdTech solutions across our continent and that is why we are successful,” Du Plessis added.
Future- Fit Solutions
Eiffel Corp has an uphill task ahead, but they have been preparing for it ever since they thought of it. According to the Director of Digital Learning Services, Myles Thies, capable and dependable infrastructure is still lacking in places and access to information and the internet is well below other parts of the developing world. On the brighter side, pockets have emerged that are showing how fast things can be changed and caught up. They might be late to enter the market, but he thinks that the benefit it gives is that they can apply the latest innovations without the complicated legacy of past technology and regulation.
“Additionally, demographically, according to The World Economic Forum, Africa has the fastest-growing and youngest population in the world which puts it at the forefront of growth potential ahead of everyone else. Leveraging these advantages, Africa can build its digital future both quickly and sustainably,” Thies explained.
Echoing the thoughts of the team, Ian Light says he would like to see Eiffel Corp continue their mission to improve education throughout Africa. “We are proudly African, and we would like to continue working alongside our African compatriots and colleagues to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes for their investments with a fit for purpose technology, training, innovation, and local support”, concludes Light.