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EdTech Startups That Are Making Learning Math Easier

EdTech companies have shown tremendous progress, especially in the last couple of years. During the pandemic, startups in this field attracted billions in venture capital. The reason for it is clear – students needed a way to build their knowledge at a time when education wasn’t easily accessible.

Even today, EdTech startups are in a high demand. Students use them to educate themselves or enrich the knowledge they obtain in school. Either way, you should know which the most efficient startups useful to math students are. 

Very often, the reason why a student cannot complete their math homework isn’t systematic. In many cases, teachers assign mathematical problems with deadlines that are too tight, so students have to ask for help. This can be easily solved with Plainmath, a service that offers solutions and tackles math assignments for students in full confidentiality.

However, while this is very helpful when the student lacks time or is too tired, sometimes the problem is more complicated than that. If students have systematic problems in understanding math, they need to expand on their knowledge. For that purpose, we created this list of EdTech startups every student should know about to make their math learning more effective – and easier.

1.   Udemy

Udemy is the largest EdTech company that offers online courses in different subjects. Launched in 2009, it achieved a lot in a very short time. Today, over 70,000 instructors share their courses on the site, resulting in over 150,000 online video courses.

Students can find something here in almost every subject – and on every topic of interest. On Udemy, you can find courses on diverse math subjects, all of which come at very cheap rates, and some are even free to use! The materials can be a great supplement to your school materials or a stand-alone curriculum you can use to boost your knowledge.

2.   Course Hero

The second in our list is Course Hero, a site with a rich database of literature, learning resources, and courses – many of which will help you study algebra! This platform has a lot to offer. Math students can find everything from problem guides to class notes to text books to simplified explanations.

3.   Coursera

Next on our list is Coursera, a platform similar to Udemy founded in 2012. The EdTech startup has achieved a lot over the years. In their big selection of courses, they have a few dozen math options. For example, you can study Elementary to Advanced Algebra in a course created by Johns Hopkins University, or study Mathematical Thinking and Analysis in a course by Stanford University.

Coursera offers a whole new level of learning. Many of their courses are created by the top academic institutions in the world, making this a great place to expand on your knowledge. In addition to paid courses with certification, you can find some free-to-audit courses.

4.   Yuanfudao

Being the largest EdTech startup in China, this is a great tool to use for your learning. It was founded in 2015 and ever since, the company has managed a lot. They expanded beyond courses and now offer the Xiaoyuan Kousuan math test app, the online testing database Yuantiku, as well as a platform for preschoolers to learn math.

5.   Prodigy Education

There is a limited number of EdTech startups in India, but this one competes with some of the best in the industry. It’s a game that combines technology with learning in a more engaging, innovative way. The idea behind Prodigy Education is to make learning more interactive, so they based it on games.

In other words, Prodigy Education is an app that teaches students mathematics. It’s shown tremendous results because students are entertained while gaining practical knowledge.

6.   Zuoyebang

Zuoyebang is another Chinese EdTech, and a very popular one for that matter. Launched in 2015, the project swiftly turned into a separate company. Today, it offers students answers to math problems thanks to artificial intelligence.

Not only will this tool help you solve some of your problems, but if you need some guidance and want to learn more, you can also use it to study with tutors.

Wrapping Up

As 2023 is just beginning, we are expecting the upward trend in online education to continue – and grow further. Technology has made the lives of students much easier, and with startups like these to help them solve math problems and learn easier, the following years will surely bring us even more, faster solutions to our learning problems.