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EDRMedeso: Assisting Clients in Attaining Perfect Engineering

Simulations assist users with practical feedback when designing real-world systems. Designers determine the accuracy and efficiency of a design before fabricating the actual method. This simulation is helping every industry, notably the manufacturing one. Coupled with the latest technology trends like IoT and additive manufacturing, corporations are drawing the pre-production phase of products to new heights. One such firm which is serving its clients in conquering the perfect engineering is EDRMedeso. While leveraging thirty years of experience, the company offers a personalized combination of leading simulation software to identify problems and flaws in the design process. It also carries out design changes from both performance and cost perspective at an early stage. EDRMedeso presently has eight offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and the UK. Among its clients are many of Northern Europe’s leading companies in the industry primarily comprising of engineering, and construction, and consultants and specialists at smaller engineering organizations.
About the Leader
Niklas Lindwall is the CEO of EDRMedeso. With a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Niklas started his career as a Support Engineer with Engineering Data Resources–EDR, (part of EDRMedeso now). He was primarily into providing training and consultancy and later moved on to the sales where he served on EDR’s Sweden and Finland global production prospects. After his fruitful work at EDR, he left behind the position and carried out as Product Manager at Det Norske Veritas, where he concentrated on shipbuilding systems and managed global work in its sales department. Soon after, he returned to EDRMedeso as its Sales and Country Manager to look after the firm’s regional operations and took over as its CEO in April 2016.
Leading the Industry with Exceptional Services
With its establishment in the Nordics region and the United Kingdom, EDRMedeso provides exceptional services through its digital lab and virtual fabrication processes. The firm’s digital lab is based on physics-based simulations, which provides customers valuable product insight both in the concept and prototype phase helping them reducing the waste of time and money on physical prototypes
The organization has achieved much growth within the last five years and believes that physics-based simulation fits well with the on-going industry mega-trends. With the support of IoT, the firm supplies sound source into the physics-based prototype models and create digital twins of the products. By such, they can predict the product’s requirements including its future, next service, etc. By such, the company helps their customers simulate and manufacture products that they have calculated for decades.
Recounting his contribution to the firm, Niklas asserts, “My personal milestones are very much the same as the companies. I live and breathe for the company. If the company succeeds, I succeed too”.
Standing Tall Among Competitors
The firm has raised its profits with double digits from the last three years. It has reached profit margins that are of the top segment in the industry. Additionally, EDRMedeso is recognized as the global leader in the simulation and BIM industry. The enterprise has experienced every aspect of the industry and has attracted the best clients from all over the world. The firm also feels proud of its recent partnership with PTC, which has proliferated its name in the IoT sector, and more clients are now proposing to be its partners.
Built for the Customers
The digital twin side of the firm aid customers in opening new revenues. The clients can use the simulated data from the live product and feed that back into the product’s development phase. Clients can further predict the product’s future with the embedded sensors from the IoT and then use a combination of physics-based simulation and big data analysis to come up with scenarios based on that. The corporation further believes that technologies like additive manufacturing and 3D printing open the opportunities for enterprises to take a broader segment of profit margin.
Guiding Budding Entrepreneurs
The most critical part is to establish the customer value and based on that define a Strategy and connected plan with clear goals. The procedure should not be complicated and must match the objectives of the business. Start-ups must stick to the agenda and execute it very carefully. The focus should be the center of attention and running away with distractions can lose focus, which will ultimately result in losing the deliverables and the clients,” says Niklas.
Future Simulations
EDRMedeso will continue to provide simulations to its customers and help them gather insights into how their clients use their products. Sometimes clients use products a little differently than they were intended. With these new insights, the firm will aid customers in modifying the existing products. It will also continue to enclose more trending technologies to its Digital Twins and BIM to support design through its phases, allowing stronger analysis and control than manual processes. When executed, these computer-generated models will contain precise geometry and desired data to aid the construction, fabrication, and procurement activities through which the design is realized.