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EdGE Networks: Diversifying the Practises in the Industry of HR Technology

An HR tech startup, EdGE Networks offers solutions to large organizations for their most pressing HR challenges. This company’s strength lies in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science to solve the toughest talent acquisition and workforce optimization challenges that are faced by organizations.  
Evolution of EdGE Networks
In 2012, EdGE Networks was founded by a dynamic entrepreneur, Arjun Pratap. The company has proudly set up a strong base in the start-up capital of India, Bangalore with sales representatives in the UK and US. This venture is built on the premise of a powerful search and match that can alleviate search friction for people and jobs using technology.
From the start the company has leveraged its strength in data science and AI to solve HR’s toughest Talent Acquisition and Workforce Optimization challenges. EdGE’ GPU-accelerated machine learning based platform provides outstanding speed and accuracy benefits. What attracts large HR related firms to collaborate with them is their ability to act as an intelligence layer on top of existing solutions/services. The intelligence for the search and match comes from the EdGE Graph – a repository of 800K connected nodes built from 4 MN JDs and 20 MN profiles,
All of this has culminated in some prestigious and notable market validations through award wins. In the past few months, EdGE has received awards and including the Technology Fast 50 India 2016 awards by Deloitte and MIDAS 2016, NASSCOM Emerge 2016 Awards in its list of top 50 emerging startups in India (featured among the “League of 10”), Best Show Award at NVDIA GTCx – India 2016. EdGE also won the UK’s India Emerging Twenty (IE20) Awards 2017 created by London & Partners and launched by the Mayor of London. They were recently selected to participate as one of the six Indian Indian AI startups in Google’s 4th edition of the Google Launchpad Accelerator program.
Head Man of EdGE Networks
Prior to EdGE Networks, Arjun Pratap worked with organizations such as SpeedERA Networks and Akamai Technologies, where he shouldered the responsibility for establishing the Indian and international businesses. He also headed the sales function at Dexler Information Solutions to provide strategic direction in building the company. Arjun began his career in Sydney, working in a startup.
During his first venture (a digital learning platform), Arjun was often haunted by a question while recruiting talent, “What if my next potential candidate lies within the piles of discarded resumes?” That is also when he realized that there was tremendous need and scope for nextgen HR technology solutions, that could help organizations build future-ready workforces. Looking at the rapid pace of change taking place in India and the world, it became clear to him that HR technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Machine Learning would be best route to enable workforce transformation. Thus, EdGE Networks was born.
Promising Services of EdGE Networks
EdGE’s product and solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies. The company has also worked towards creating a responsible and agile organization that is ready to partner with customers to build game-changing HR tech solutions.
The company provides four offerings:
Workforce Planning: The Workforce Planning solution helps organizations align the talent strategy with business strategy to meet their short and long-term objective. It helps them right size with the right skills mix. 
Talent Acquisition: The company offers a cutting-edge Talent Acquisition platform powered by artificial intelligence and data science that transforms the hiring experience. Using EdGE Graph and machine learning algorithms, the platform analyses job description and determines the primary and inferred skills; auto-sources the right fit by parsing and analyzing both structured and unstructured information on job portals; throws up resume matches by scoring and stack ranking them.
Workforce Optimization: EdGE Networks Workforce Optimization solution helps HR get a real-time view of internal skills and the spread enabling them to optimize talent available at hand.
Talent Transformation: The company also help to develop and transform the talent to maximize employee potential and drive business growth. Using artificial intelligence and data science, they go through the profile of the employees and recommend relevant career path that can help the employees to open internal jobs based on skills and past experience.
Few Words of Motivation by EdGE Networks
As a startup EdGE Networks began their journey by competing against the Oracles, Microsofts and LinkedIns of the world to acquire the intelligent hiring and workforce optimization business in one of India’s largest IT company.
EdGE was lucky to have a dedicated and motivated team that believed in building great solutions, working with customers to deliver results and never giving up! With all these attributes on their side and the calculated risks they took, the company managed to reach their first milestone – acquiring Wipro as their first client.
Happy Clients of EdGE Networks
The company caters to a wide array of clients including Wipro, HCL, Virtusa and more. Their promising products and solutions have a layer of analytics built into them which allows measuring the business impact juxtaposed with data shared by the client. EdGE’s solutions have impacted both revenue and profits of the client company resulting in improved time, cost and accuracy of talent management. 
Future Lane of EdGE Network
The next few years will be very exciting in the journey as the company has planned to enter different domains. To replace systems that have workflows will be soon built with a better experience across their platform; these could be the HCMs and the ATS’ of the world.
In the coming days EdGE Networks plans to make its foray into global markets, starting with the US and UK. The company has won the Deloitte-MIDAS awards in December 2016 and UK’s India Emerging Twenty (IE20) Awards by London & Partners recently which will catalyze their expansion plans further. The company has been selected as one of the six Indian AI startups for the Google Launchpad Accelerator program (batch 4), via which they expect to make their mark in the USA.

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