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Eclipse: The Power House of Enterprise Document Solutions

One of the biggest challenges faced by the automotive industry is convincing their clients of a need for the products they make and the services they provide. Clients of the automotive industry are always skeptical of the above two factors and the members of the industry are always toeing the line with strict government guidelines. So, the competition is pretty tough and the stakes are set very high. The Standards of Quality are raised with the launch of every new product from various companies. The entire prestige of a company rests on each and every small component produced, authenticity proven and transparency exhibited. This is where the need for document designing and automation arises.
Manufacturers have to produce information that is human and machine readable at the speed of business. Whether it is labeling small components used in sub-assemblies or printing manifests on the automotive production line, manufacturers will only need one software solution to design and generate the presentation of your labels, forms and documents. In essence, DocOrigin from Eclipse Corporation is the go-to solution for all enterprise forms, documents, labels and checks.
Defining the Next Generation of Enterprise Document Design and Generation Software
Eclipse’s flagship product, DocOrigin, is designed to create and generate dynamic forms, documents, labels, and checks on any platform. Paper or electronic, smart phone or desktop, if you need to present information or collect data in a fillable form, DocOrigin does it all.
DocOrigin comes with the following features:
Integration without ModificationTM – eliminates changes to your ERP or MRP software and makes the design and generation of dynamic data driven forms, documents, and labels easy with rapid migration features to replace most legacy form and label software packages.
Dynamic Business Documents – personalizes high value forms, documents and packets easily from ERP, EMR, CRM and other enterprise software systems. Unlike other document systems, DocOrigin can drive the printers at their rated speed, even while printing the manifest for a custom automobile production line with all the performance impeding images and graphics.
Business Communications Center – easily transforms transactional documents into powerful communication tools that can be managed by marketing, sales, HR and legal executives without IT assistance.
The DocOrigin Advantage
There is a very interesting statement that comes across while scanning through all the experiences shared by the clients of Eclipse Corporation. Annette Swartz, Systems Analyst at ABC INOAC has stated that, “Eclipse made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking. We had our hands full, and not only did DocOrigin perform beyond our expectations, so did the team at Eclipse.”
PPG Aerospace, one of the top 100 Global OEM parts suppliers, chose DocOrigin, because of its extended capabilities to dynamically enhance the existing forms without having to make changes to their ERP system. Similarly, Eaton Corporation adopted Eclipse’s global business communications platform to improve the effectiveness of the thousands of transactional documents they send to their customers, employees, and vendors on a daily basis.
Along with seamless integration with leading MRP and ERP software used in the automotive and aerospace markets, DocOrigin produces documents and forms in electronic format also, which reduces the impact on the environment and delivers information when and where customers, employees, and partners need it.
“DocOrigin supported all our existing apps and we converted them all without the need for reprogramming our ERP software and without consuming many of our internal resources.” Justyn Hancock, Global IT Director at PPG Aerospace.
Some of the reasons to consider DocOrigin:
-With DocOrigin, clients need only one software package to design and generate all your forms, documents, labels and checks. Paper or electronic, PC, Tablets, Smart Phones, DocOrigin is the only forms software anyone will need.
-Most likely, if the current legacy document or forms software is at or near the end of life, then Eclipse guarantees that DocOrigin will provide their clients with the most reliable, cost effective migration solutions and work with their existing and or new business software without modification.
-Eclipse guarantees 99.995% up time.
-DocOrigin also supports international localization including Chinese, Thai, and other Asian Fonts.
The Absolute Partner to Innovations
At Eclipse Corporation, the label and form designers are Windows-based and hence, it is easy to create powerful dynamic documents. The entire design of the software is as simple as a click of the mouse or dragging a section from a list. DocOrigin production software is supported on AIX, Linux, IBM i, Windows, and on the Cloud AWS, Oracle, SAP, Eclipse and other popular cloud systems.
BCC (Business Communications Center) Solution, which can highlight the features of a vehicle, is a real favorite among the sales and the marketing departments. It takes pressure off the IT department and relinquishes them from other interdepartmental stresses by letting any department easily turn ordinary documents into branding and marketing tools in just hours, instead of weeks. Marketing, sales and other non-IT departments can do this without knowledge of scripts or any programing. IT only needs to generate the data they already produce today.
The Dynamic Business Documents automates workflow. Eclipse has designed it in such a way that even if there is a custom vehicle, the Sales team of that automobile manufacturer could select a recipient, select a form template, select an Omni-channel form of distribution (email, print, fax, web, SMS, archive, etc.) and complete a custom acknowledgement letter to let the buyer know when their new sports car will be delivered. They can even let the buyer of the sports car add features to their order.
The Business Communications Center powered by DocOrigin is truly a revelation of its kind, a dynamic software solution that allows marketing, HR, and legal departments to create campaigns, messaging, and manage legal T&Cs. With DocOrigin’s Integration Without Modification™ technology, BCC works with any line of business application and legacy ERP, EMR and CRM systems.
Eclipse has been providing software to design and generate business documents, forms, checks and labels for more than a decade and most of their team has 15+ years of experience in this industry. Many companies such as Honda, Toyota and other automotive manufacturers have purchased Eclipse’s software to design and generate their core business documents, many of which are used for internal communication of daily transactions like purchase orders, pack slips, order acknowledgements, statements, etc.
When Eclipse campaigned for their latest innovations, it garnered much interest from their existing as well as prospective clients. Many of their clients like AT&T, Eaton, Konica Minolta and McKesson were all impressed by the ease of use and the comfort of utilizing their existing documents to promote, up-sell and cross-sell more products and services. The excitement generated by the power of the Business Communications Center was so much that one of the Fortune 10 customer’s marketing team bought the entire software suite from their own budget, even though this was traditionally handled by the IT departments of the company.
Created by the Pioneers of the e-form Revolution
The creators of DocOrigin were co-founders of JetForm, the enterprise e-forms software that captured the business of 100% of the Fortune 10 and 71% of the Fortune 1000 by 1999. The market for forms software continued to grow, even after JetForm was acquired by Adobe in 2002.
When the market got saturated with obsolete document and forms software, Steve Luke, the CEO of Eclipse Corporation, introduced DocOrigin in 2011 to represent a reliable, high performance and feature rich enterprise software solution in the legacy form market. He is the brain behind Integration without Modification™. Steve is a man of core principles and lives by his strong beliefs.
“The key to success is attitude, effort, and knowledge, the right combination of these will accomplish your goal every time!”
Passing the Power to the Stakeholders
DocOrigin is currently being used in more than 35 countries and Eclipse is expanding their market penetration with resellers worldwide. The innovation never stops at Eclipse Corporation and their current software and clients are continually getting upgraded and updated with new features to meet the industry’s growing needs.
This Business Communications Management system is so user-friendly that any department can carry out their campaigning, messaging and managing without engaging the IT department for ongoing projects. Now, the design and delivery of transactional documents that serve as a vehicle for custom marketing and messaging are put in the hands of the stakeholders within the business.
Many Automotive giants have realized, many are finding out and almost everyone is being informed, that everyone is great at doing certain things, but they cannot be good at everything. Many are heeding to the words of the Industrial Legend Henry Ford that buying the best components from the best manufacturers makes a better car. Eclipse Corporation’s partners and customers are all excited about the potential to use their existing business documents to increase profits, improve communication and up-sell to their best customers.
The leadership and the entire team at Eclipse Corporation have pledged to focus their energy to provide the most reliable, feature-rich, highest performance forms, documents and labels software on earth. With DocOrigin, BCC and DBD, Eclipse has raised the bar for designing and generating forms, documents, labels and checks. These provide reliability and performance that meet the demands of Fortune 10 companies and a scaled pricing model that provides the same features, reliability and performance for SMBs. Now any company can afford an enterprise class solution!

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