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Eclipse Corporation: Delivering Enhanced Enterprise Class Document Solutions

Enterprise content management systems and document management are often referred to as archiving, document workflow and automation of scanning documents to eliminate human intervention in processing paper documents. Established in 2005, Eclipse Corporation supports various industries with document generation and management software solutions. Its focus is on customer communications software which includes an enterprise-class solution to design, present and deliver business critical dynamic documents, labels and fillable forms.
The company’s flagship software solution, DocOrigin, is delivered via a global partner network. This advanced enterprise-class e-form software was created in 2012 and is constantly being enhanced to provide the latest technology available, while providing enterprise stability and performance. Further, it was implemented by using the knowledge and experience gained while creating legacy form software solutions like JetForm – Adobe Central, PDF Wizard, FormsPlus and R-Forms/400. Currently DocOrigin is installed in more than 3,000 companies in over 60+ countries globally, including two Fortune 10 clients.
Redefining Entrepreneurship 
Steve Luke and Alex Riess are the founders of Eclipse Corporation. These two have shaped the company while having a serious influence on the enterprise document industry. As CEO, Steve co-created the software and hardware used in HP laser printers to produce forms in 1992. This included one of the first e-forms software products with a GUI form designer for the IBM Midrange computer systems. On the other hand, Alex is the CTO of the company, the brain behind the creation of PDF Wizard for Oracle’s EnterpriseOne ERP software. The PDF Wizard software was introduced to automatically convert the output of Oracle EnterpriseOne forms into a dynamic PDF template in seconds. PDF Wizard was a huge success, the software was implemented in the production software of JetForm – Adobe Central which was installed in 71% of the Fortune 1000 companies by the year 2000.
Steve and Alex jointly brought the concept of Integration Without Modification(R) to a reality in the document industry. IWM gives DocOrigin the power and features to provide forms that meet the needs of every industry. This led them to the top of the industry, delivering a single solution for designing forms, documents and labels that work with any business software. This concept offers document management for the full life cycle of a document or form. Under the leadership of their founders, the Eclipse R&D team has been successful with its DocOrigin software. This solution is now utilized in all industries and provides scalable pricing to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.
Tackling Challenges 
The major challenge for Eclipse is that their customers have to face hard facts. Thousands of these companies still use software that may be 15 to 30 years old, and most likely has been sunset for 3 to 15 years. For publicly held companies, using the unsupported software may create a compliance issue and potential share holder concerns. Replacing enterprise forms solutions can take months or years. Eclipse has created Rapid Migration software to reduce the migration time by 20 to 80%. They have form conversion software to auto convert many of the leading legacy forms software like Adobe Central, Adobe LiveCycle, and OpenText StreamServe. Their automated conversion can convert simple, medium and complex form templates in seconds, and the conversion can range from 60 to 95% complete. Considering that the design of a simple or complex form can take hours or weeks, this can reduce a complex conversion from years to months. With Eclipse’s ability to switch out one form at a time, and leave a legacy forms system in place while other forms are being completed, they also reduce the stress and complexity levels for IT and the departments they serve.
Another big issue is that many of these customers think the business software they purchased has a forms and document software included, and some do. However, these products are not as robust and feature rich as a dedicated forms software like DocOrigin. This would be the equivalent of going to the dentist when you need an oral surgeon. Unfortunately, these companies do not realize until they are getting near go live that the forms software provided by their ERP or other business software will not meet their demands.
A Reformative Product 
Headquartered at Cape Coral, Florida, USA; the company is fortunate to have a team of experts with many years of experience, who propel Eclipse towards success. The company’s creation of the methodology, Integration Without Modification® allows its customers to adopt DocOrigin with minimal or no changes to their business software. This lets customers design, present and deliver forms, documents and labels to meet the demands of the Fortune 10, but provides scalable pricing to meet the needs of SMBs.
DocOrigin’s reliability, performance and features are critical to the business processes at 3M, AT&T, GE Healthcare, Konica Minolta, McKesson Medical- Surgical, Mele Printing, PPG Aerospace, to name a few.
Eclipse’s OEM partners like GE Healthcare, Guidewire Insurance, Exictos, Tyler Technologies and more embed DocOrigin software in their systems.
DocOrigin is implemented in banking, education, government, healthcare, insurance, logistics, manufacturing and telco OEM systems. While talking about the company’s competition, Steve emphasized, “Our partners and our team have been crucial in providing the knowledge and global experience which played a major role in our ability to compete with the competition.”
Additionally, Eclipse’s team of pioneers understands the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none!” It was this mindset that caused the experts in 2010 to focus on the enterprise forms software and improve its interface with all the business software applications. Due to this, the company’s DocOrigin software interfaces with any business software to produce documents, archive documents or manage content. Eclipse’s commitments to industry standards, open source files and form template files using XML instead of proprietary templates makes its customers more comfortable and connectivity via web services and APIs is easy.
Apart from this, the company provides APIs and Web Services to automate the connectivity between its document generation software and other document systems such as enterprise content management, records management systems and ERP- MRP- HRP -MERR systems.
A Disruptive Strategy
Over the years, the company has been producing forms software with the support of a specialized team of experts, who have learned from successes and mistakes. They have created an extremely reliable and powerful product. One of the best things about DocOrigin is that it just needs the customer’s data to present the advanced presentations and efficient omni-channel delivery the customer expects.
The Eclipse team thrives on improving the performance and features of the software every day of the year. Eclipse uses a unique installation procedure that simplifies and eliminates the complex process of upgrading to a newer version. Their regression testing process allows their customers to upgrade the software in minutes.
Eclipse publishes newsletters and blogs to educate users on topics and features that are often overlooked so they can stay up to date regarding attributes and regulations which help them reduce cost. Features covered are PDF/UA & 508 compliance for people with visual disabilities, GDPR, adaptive fillable forms that display efficiently and effectively on PCs, tablets, phones and more.
Envisioning the Future 
Eclipse’s mission is to develop a never-ending document software solution for their clients. It is undertaking a different approach, instead of forcing the customers to repurchase forms software like other vendors. The company wishes to create a long-term relationship with its clientele, providing cradle to grave document management, being there for the full life cycle of a document or form.
In addition, Eclipse is continuing to improve its software and offers new versions to all its clients with M&S or SAAS licenses.
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