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eBizDocs: Helping Organizations Manage Documents, Easily!

It was back in 1999 when Howard Gross created eBizDocs to help other organizations improve the way they manage documents. Howard had massive experience working in records management, both as a user and consultant, and the passion to help others. Prior to eBizDocs, he served as the Operations Manager for a Top 10 insurance company and Project Manager for a regional electronic records management firm.
According to Howard, nobody just wakes up and one day wants to go paperless. Rather, there are driving forces behind deploying an electronic document management solution. Over the years, eBizDocs identified four core challenges influencing the decision to minimize paper. No two organizations are the same; however, all experience and need to overcome challenges caused by paper files. According to Howard, “eBizDocs has 20 years’ experience helping customers overcome paper centric challenges by implementing a customized document management solution that supports their business processes.”
 Challenges in Paper Centric Filing Systems
eBizDocs helps organizations identify and overcome four paper centric filing system challenges, which are;

  • Efficiency: Pulling documents from filing cabinets hour after hour presents several concerns. The first and most obvious is the time wasted each time an employee gets up to retrieve a document. Oftentimes the file room is down a hall or in another building. Employees add to the problem by making their own copies for convenience. Pulling the document is only half of the problem. It still must be refiled to the cabinet – hopefully, in its proper place – where it can be found by the next person. An eBizDocs document management solution minimizes refiles, misfiles, and lost files. And, there is no need to leave your desk. Workers can instantly access, edit, and even share documents from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Compliance: Many companies are at risk of having policies go unchecked and unenforced. For paper file security, it is possible to create levels of access using a lock and key for each filing room and cabinet. However, there are many practical complications to this method. Lost or stolen keys and temporary access become a records-management nightmare, so what most organizations are left with is either complete access or no access. eBizDocs brings access control over documents at many levels, including what documents and folders someone can see, edit, create, export, and delete. No such guarantee exists in a paper-centric filing system.
  • Compliance audits bring the stress of proving your processes are followed. eBizDocs shows businesses how to use the document management system to enforce what a person can or cannot do, and make their actions available in a report. This eliminates doubt and quickly satisfies an auditor’s inquiry.
  • Floorspace: Because paper is physical, as it multiplies, it becomes unwieldy and burdensome. Offices turn into storage rooms filled with record boxes stacked to the ceiling. Meeting areas and hallways become littered with bulky, wall-to-wall filing cabinets. Piles of paper cluttering desks mean productivity crawls at a snail’s pace. Not so with an electronic document management system. Digital documents, instead, reside on a server which takes up far less physical space and can even be located off site in the cloud.
  • Cost: Have you ever considered the cost of filling up a filing cabinet, or, making unnecessary copies so everyone can have their own document? These costs can multiply exponentially as an organization grows. Folders, file cabinets, off site paper document storage (and retrieval), and even paperclips and staples all add up. These are just the direct costs, now add in the associated cost spent hunting for, filing, or re-creating documents.

Evaluating Clients’ Needs 
eBizDocs evaluates the client’s needs and tailors its solution to achieve measurable goals. Offerings Include: Document Conversion, Business Scanners, Document Management & Capture Software, and Professional Services. Some clients are simply looking for a reliable source to purchases business scanners, parts, and annual maintenance. Other clients need to have a large archive of paper document scanned, indexed, and filed. Clients just starting to go paperless are looking for a partner to offer a complete turnkey document management solution with professional services to expedite the implementation. eBizDocs also provides peace of mind and demonstrates its ability to secure and protect customer data by fully satisfying all the requirements of a SOC2 audit.
From its customer’s perspective, eBizDocs differentiates itself on two different fronts.

  • Outstanding support from a team who truly listens to understand the customer’s challenges they need to solve.
  • Delivering value by eliminating clutter, bringing organization, and automating the flow of unstructured information for our customers.

The Main Driving Force 
Howard is the primary driving force behind eBizDocs. He is also a philanthropic trailblazer with the vision of offering employees an opportunity to show what they can do. His vision worked! New York State Industries for the Disabled, Inc. (NYSID) recognized eBizDocs as its “Corporate Partner of the Year”, citing its inclusive business culture that pairs workers, having physical and/or mental health challenges, with the right job. Howard recently received the “Corporate Citizen Award” by Best Buddies, a non-profit mentorship group, for his outstanding commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities through employment in the business community. As a featured speaker on the PBS programs “New York Now” and “The Capitol Pressroom”, Howard willingly shares his in-depth business and document management knowledge. He authored numerous articles on content management and coauthored a book on paper reduction in government business. He is frequently quoted as a recognized imaging and records management expert in a variety of industry publications.
Picture of the Future 
“We envision paperless filing and workflows replacing the desire to use paper intensive processes. This mindset evolution is inevitable through our commitment to building trust and helping customers select and apply leading paperless solutions,” Howard Gross, eBizDocs, President and CEO.
Also, when it comes to work culture of the company, eBizDocs’ guiding principles are to empower and provide an environment where enthusiastic team members can reach the peak of their ability and achieve strong personal and customer satisfaction.