e2Value®: A Leading Innovator in Every Sector of the Valuation Industry

The idea for starting e2Value came to its founders during the time when they were customers of valuation services and were consistently disappointed in the valuation results. The services offered pre-2000 were clunky, slow and would produce as many outcomes as there were users. Most importantly, the tools typically produced values for less than half the actual value needed. After months – or even years – of training and use, those tools still produced faulty values. Since one of e2Value’s founders knew valuations and the other one knew software, their skills and knowledge complimented each other. Together they developed a patented valuation tool that has offered unparalleled accuracy. The web-based tool helps facilitate the delivery of standardized, consistent and valid values for all.
e2Value offers a series of SaaS valuation tools for insurance and banking. They developed a tool that is similar to a search engine except their search engine works in reverse as they guide the user to return one answer versus the plethora of answers that a search returns. Their tool provides an accurate valuation that makes sense to the buyers and intermediaries in the insurance process, is easy to use and to understand, and is accurate. This allows for better web and directed marketing, better pricing, better information for decisions, and better satisfaction with the insurance purchase for consumers.
e2Value offers a state-of-the-art online database system of property valuation information to determine the most accurate replacement cost value of residential, commercial and agricultural properties anywhere in North America. Whether a mansion, cabin in the words, a Mainstreet® home, a specialty structure such as a manufactured/mobile home, kit homes, log homes, farm structures like silos, grain bins or grain storage, commercial farming operations, hospitals, habitational or office buildings, they have tools that are easy to use and accurate.
When asked what qualities of their company make it an ideal business to work with, they stated, “We like providing software that works, software you forget about. Sort of like the old saying about children, ‘seen and not heard.’ Software that is there to be used when you need it, but is such a part of your life you don’t think twice about it. We’re also customer service focused. We answer the phone when people call and return e-mails when they write. We have customers across the US and Canada because of that. Ultimately, we like our products to work well so our clients can better focus on their business.”
“When we started e2Value, we were too far in over our heads to know any better. We built the business by managing one customer at a time and still do so. Because we chose a core strategy of a SaaS provider that delivers world-class results with very little overhead we could build the team and the business together. We only needed a small team to keep the engine running and provide each client an ROI that they can’t pass up.”
e2Value’s goal is to be the Best Provider of Valuation Services available.
When asked about their coming years’ plans, they said, “Moving forward e2Value is planning to increase our market share in insurance, add to our banking products, and market our asset valuation tools for residential and an AVM for commercial asset valuation based on the latest sales and leases. We deliver services that can be used in all aspects of valuation from banking to tax assessment to insurance.”