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E-Bisprint: Supporting and Simplifying Operational Activities

In 1990, Paul Freeman, Founder and Executive Chairman, E-Bisprint started his own business, initially as a simple home-based print brokerage firm called ‘Off and Running Print Management.’ Freeman took the calculated risk to focus on the IT side of the business while other print management companies were moving into warehousing. The year was 1997; the same when the Internet was launched.
The decision was instrumental in creating a major point of difference from his competitors. In 2000, Freeman changed the name of the business to E-Bisprint to reflect its diversification into e-commerce and position the company as an early adopter of this technology and since then E-Bisprint has been successfully making its way to the top.
A Forerunner in the IT Industry
E-Bisprint is a managed services provider catering to the core needs of warehousing and logistics, marketing, and print management, corporate apparel and workwear across corporate Australia and government. All the services are managed by an overarching IT division. E-Bisprint supports and simplifies an organization’s purchasing and operational activities by offering a complete solution, making it the conduit between a business and their suppliers. All services are provided through a centrally branded client ePortal.
Since its inception, E-Bisprint has successfully managed not to miss out of the race and at presently has offices in four Australian capital cities, with headquarters on the NSW Central Coast. A distribution hub in Asia is being operated by the company, which has access to 69 warehouses across Australia, along with a growing IT development team in the Philippines.
The existing clients are having benefits that include greater end-to-end supply chain efficiencies, reduced procurement personnel, eliminating the need to tender, competitive tension across all transactions, complete transparency, compliance and control, reduced risk, improved contract management and communication, all of which provides significant cost savings across the board.
An Intuitive Visionary Leading the Way
Paul Freeman started his career in IT at a time when automatic data processing and computers were in their infancy. By the age of 38, he was the Managing Director of a group comprising four companies and a staff of more than 100.
He always dreamed of starting his own venture and it came true in the form of E-Bisprint with a vision to become a leading global supplier of managed services and bespoke software development for medium to large corporate companies and government departments.
Freeman and his company boast a swag of national and international awards, the most recent being a PEAK Award in October 2016 for their tailored event management software solution, QOKKI. Freeman is also featured in the recently published Australian book, 50 Unsung Business Heroes, and E-Bisprint was also recognized as one of Australia’s 20 most innovative companies in 2014.
ZOOL: A Cloud-Based Game Changer
E-Bisprint has developed ZOOL,  an online procurement system that provides an end-to-end procurement solution that covers all categories of spend. ZOOL is a cloud-based communication and procurement tool that delivers more efficient workflow, transparency, control, compliance, competitive tension on all financial transactions and significant cost savings. The cloud-based global procurement product totally redefines the way tenders and panels are managed and is capable of managing the procurement for an entire Government and delivering hard cost savings of more than 7% as well as substantial soft cost savings. ZOOL is currently being used with great success by an Australian Federal Government department, with a contract worth $50 million.
“Being a tailored solution that is continuing to evolve, there is widespread belief that the world is yet to see the full potential of this powerful software,” asserts Freeman.
Growing and Developing with High Pace
E-Bisprint has been unique in the business with specific ethics. They have always focused on the clients’ needs and understood it, while empowering them by delivering cost and time saving benefits through technology. Unlike most of their competitors, which subcontract some services out, they offer complete end-to-end service. They have always delivered bespoke software solutions begun with the question, “What do you require at the end of the process?” and then reverse-engineering the best solution. Also, they have always followed an understanding that people are their number one asset and have stood by that belief.
Like every successful startup venture, E-Bisprint faced some troubled times too, but strong support of local businesses and their staff always came through. They stood by Freeman when the company needed them. Apart from their supportive staff, strong communication and accountability has always helped them while constantly evolving to meet their clients’ needs and stay a step ahead in an ever-changing business world. They have always been honest and transparent while fostering a positive workplace. And being confident has always played a focal role in the success. Freeman and the team have never been afraid to go ahead and experiment something new, and that’s what kept them ahead in the race.
While, the business market is evolving and making competition strong, E-Bisprint will be continuing to cater their clients’ needs and making a difference.