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Jamie Timperley | President | Dynamic Events

Dynamic Events: Cultivating Meaningful and Innovative Experiences

When it comes to business, events are powerful marketing tool to bring like-minded audiences together to share learnings, exchange creative ideas, and ultimately see what’s new. Events, when effectively managed, can be the catalyst for conversations that then lead to new interest, revenue, and visibility for companies small and large.
Meet Jamie Timperley, President of Dynamic Events, who along with her team, manages and oversees a wide range of events scaling from a few hundred to over twenty thousand. Jamie specializes in strategic logistics planning and content & speaker management and enjoys the opportunity to create unique learning experiences for attendees by bringing people together through events, content, and technology.
Starting at Dynamic Events as a 22 year old intern in 2007, Jamie has become not just a thought leader in the world of events, but a leader for the business and it’s growing team. Since 2007, Jamie has earned her way from intern to CEO, and is the force behind growing, a then team of 3, to a team of over 40. Through her dedication, tenacity, and passion, Jamie has become a trusted partner as the logistics and strategic lead for Microsoft Ignite- Microsoft’s flagship event with over 25,000 attendees.
Providing a Peculiar Unique Approach 
Dynamic Events is an innovative event solutions company that is reinventing the way attendees engage and interact at events. It specializes in providing strategic event management and direction to assure a smooth and hasslefree event management process by blending a mix of the latest technology and industry expertise. From event logistics to content and speaker management, their team can curate an unforgettable experience for every aspect of an event.
Dynamic Events is a boutique agency that offers an expert and collaborative customer experience from some of the most skilled meeting planners in the industry. Their services, combined with the event technology platforms that they leverage, make Dynamic Events an unstoppable powerhouse in the corporate event space.
Overcoming Hurdles 
Event organizers and suppliers share in the responsibility of implementing and communicating sustainable and inclusive practices. Social responsibility is at the forefront for planners around the world and is a mind shift that is here to stay. While organizations are looking for ways to manage the entire attendee experience end to end, Dynamic Events is moving in a direction ahead of its time to offer ground breaking solutions by combining technology and expertise to help event management organizations create unforgettable experiences.
Summiting Technological Advancements 
Dynamic Events leverages a variety of event technologies to make its services available to current and prospective customers. Starting by looking at what the customers are currently using and whether those tools are helping them reach their experiential planning objectives. From there, the team of Dynamic Events makes recommendations on tools that will help them achieve both their business needs and event goals. There are many benefits to creating the right tech stack from uniting event workflows, saving time, cost savings, data collection, and improved security.
Goals That Think Ahead 
Dynamic Events have a 3-year painted picture that includes diversifying its customer base, scaling their team to manage the new and current business, and getting a brand new office space. In the past few years, the company started a sales and marketing department to focus on diversification goals and have a long term strategic plan to help achieve their goals and ensure to create a sustainable business. Recently, DE moved into a new office that has been fully customized and designed to create a space that would help to envision and uncover new opportunities for the team. The new space is more conducive to the company’s culture and defines who they are.
“Dynamic Events are the exception, not the norm. I could not imagine doing another event without them.” Tim Lowe of PayScale.
“Dynamic Events is always my first choice, and I would be up a creek without a paddle without their support!” Claus Wieser of Microsoft.