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DWFritz Automation: Solving Complex Manufacturing Challenges

Headquartered just south of Portland, Oregon, DWFritz Automation, Inc. is a premier provider of world-class, high precision automation systems. The company collaborates closely with its clients to help solve their difficult manufacturing problems while providing them with world-class service.
The Dynamic Leader
Mike Fritz is the CEO of DWFritz. He has been involved in the business since 1999, when he joined the organization to help his parents, Susan and Dennis Fritz, grow the business. In 2007, Mike took over the reigns as President and CEO. Under his dynamic leadership, the organization has thrived and continues to grow.
Mike cares deeply about his employees and has instilled a deep sense of customer centricity within the company. The company continues to invest in its employees and new technologies to enable the organization to better serve its clients and its target markets.
Helping Clients with Highly Engineered Inspection and Assembly Systems
DWFritz is a world-class organization with clients across the U.S, Europe, and Asia. The company is well known for its precision automation expertise and provides its clients with highly engineered inspection and assembly systems that excel at micron level measurements and repeatability to solve their most complex manufacturing problems.
The organization’s highly qualified engineering team has an average of 20 years of experience from various industries including Semiconductor, Energy Storage, Medical Device, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, and Metrology Instrumentation.  This expertise, combined with a culture of collaboration, is what enables DWFritz to create brilliant solutions for their clients.
DWFritz designs and builds systems with high performance and reliability through the integration of proprietary custom software, machine vision, state of the art lighting, advanced robotics, precision motion control, and high-speed material handling.
Customer Intimacy – DWFritz’s Key Differentiator
The company’s intense focus on its clients and its passion to solve their most difficult manufacturing problems is what differentiates DWFritz from the rest of its competition. From concept development, to engineering, to assembly, to installation, and service, DWFritz stands with all of its clients through the entire journey. The entire company is dedicated to delivering their client’s systems on schedule.
Experts in Precision Automation
For the past 45 years, DWFritz Automation has been serving its clients with precision automation solutions. The company designs and builds sophisticated metrology systems. Among other things, these systems are engineered to enable the detection of complex surface defects and micron level measurements at speed.
Some of DWFritz’s core competencies include,

· Non-contact 3D inspection · Deep learning integration
· Smart Factory 4.0 · Multi spectral custom lighting
· High speed material handling · Micron level accuracy
· Complex multi-sensor integration · Custom software

To enable their cutting-edge designs, the company leverages their state-of-the-art engineering lab and relationships with their world class suppliers.
Painting the Future Roadmap
Established in 1973, DWFritz has grown from a small operation to a mid-sized global business.
Over the past 7 years, DWFritz has grown in revenue by over 10x. For 2018 and beyond, the organization is expecting this growth to continue as it adds automation platforms to its engineer-to-order services, as well as targeting new advanced manufacturing sectors. Presently, the company consists of more than 500 employees worldwide.
Most recently, DWFritz was recognized as one of the top 10 most admired technology companies in the state of Oregon and also won the Oregon Manufacturing Company of the Year award for 2017. As the manufacturing industry rapidly transitions to Smart Factory 4.0, the needs for precision automation is growing as well. DWFritz, with its strong staff and culture of innovation, is well positioned to meet the future needs of its clients.
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