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DuPont Fabros Technology: “Enabler of the Cloud”

A data center is a facility that centralizes an organization’s IT operations and equipment, also where it stores, manages and disseminates its data. Data centers house their network’s most critical systems and are vital to the continuity of daily operations.
Organizations are demanding more effective and efficient data centers for their real-time compute and storage of data. This has pressurized the traditional data center vendors to upgrade facilities and also provides an opportunity for new organizations to develop and build productive data centers. DuPont Fabros Technology Inc. (DFT), founded in 1997, delivers the highest of expectations to clients as a wholesale data center provider.
Using the Most Advanced Technologies
DuPont Fabros Technology is an American public company owning, developing, operating and managing enterprise-class, carrier-neutral, large multi-tenant wholesale data centers. The facilities are designed to offer highly specialized, efficient and safe computing environments in a low-cost operating model. DFT has 11 data centers located in three major U.S. markets: Santa Clara, CA; Chicago, IL; and Northern Virginia. The portfolio currently includes 3.2 million gross square feet and 278 megawatts of available critical load capacity. DFT is actively expanding in each of its current markets and is also entering new markets, including Toronto and Portland.
DFT’s premium, wholesale data centers are designed to Tier 3 standards. Built for performance, the data centers are engineered to be concurrently maintainable while offering customers the ultimate in reliability, availability, scalability, efficiency and flexibility.
Salient Features of DFT’s Latest Data Center Design:
• Flexible to support unique customer equipment layouts
• A new water side economization plant with chiller assist allowing outside air to cool water using a plate and frame heat exchanger
• An industry-leading design Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 at full capacity annualized by use of a containment strategy
• The use of medium voltage (MV) 4160V technology for power distribution within the data center
• The utilization of reclaimed water
• Slab floor for increased weight capacity
• Power Distribution Units (PDUs) housed off the computer room floor for added usable square footage
Center of the Data Centers
Christopher P. Eldredge, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of DFT, is responsible for developing and defining the company’s vision and expansion strategy.
Eldredge has worked in the IT infrastructure and telecommunications industry for nearly two decades and has a strong background in executive management, strategic business development, mergers and acquisitions, operations and sales.
Eldredge received a Master of Business Administration from Dowling College; a Master of Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology; and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from Hofstra University. Eldredge also serves as a board member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council.
Data Centers Powered By Trust
DFT offers a multitude of services to help its customers achieve their infrastructure objectives, including consulting, construction, project management and managed services.
Upon engagement, DFT can provide customers with room design and installation. Once a customer is operational, DFT can assist with additional services, adding supplimentary layers of security and compliance audit support.
With all of the support and services provided a relationship built on trust is an important parameter for the customer who chooses DFT among all the data center providers.
Worthy Partner to Work With
DFT’s customers claim that the partnership approach is one of the most highly regarded aspects of the DFT experience. Nothing makes DFT happier than to hear customers provide feedback about the quick response times to answer questions and solve problems. They also continually hear from customers about the proactive communication, flexibility and openness to changes, as well as their expertise in data center design.
Most importantly, customer feedback is what drives DFT’s strategic initiatives. Customers explained to DFT what they want from their data center partners, and DFT built it. Their customers told them what markets they want to be in, and the company is entering those geographies.
DFT knows that clients need reliable, available, cost-efficient and safe homes for critical IT assets. Enterprises of all sizes bring their unique data center challenges to the company, and DFT tailors a proven solution on a foundation of stability.
Referring to the future goals, Eldredge stated, “The use of technology is not slowing down. From the Internet of Things to mobile applications and big data, we are all consuming more and more technology and bandwidth. Much of this growth is being fueled by “the cloud.” At DFT, one of our stated goals is to be the largest enabler of the cloud. The industry is only at the beginning stages of this massive migration, and I’m most excited about the role DFT will play in this ever-changing landscape.”