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DreamQuark: Sharpen decisions in Financial Services with Explainable Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence is spreading its elegancy in almost every sector. When it comes to finance, AI can be applied generously in delivering smart financial services. Taking this into consideration, DreamQuark set a mission to provide the right tools to enable financial institutions to build an Artificial Intelligence they can trust, control and easily use in their day-to-day business with a measurable ROI, while remaining compliant with any regulation changes. The company has developed a unique platform that automates the data processing and the training of predictive models based on Deep Learning. Banks and insurance companies can easily create and deploy smart applications for fraud, risk, marketing and compliance.
An AI based Software Platform 
DreamQuark has developed a software platform, called Brain, which democratizes the use of Artificial Intelligence. With Brain, the company aims to remove the barriers of Artificial Intelligence technology adoption including its complexity, lack of trust and control, unproven ROI and the challenge of industrialization. From the ground up, Brain has been developed to provide a unique and simple experience. The platform automates all data science tasks to let the user focus on his business goals. Banks and insurance business experts can create and deploy AI-based applications within few clicks. In addition, DreamQuark has developed a unique explainability technology (patent pending) that provides all the variables and their weight for every single decision. Business experts can now fully understand the predictions to take a better decision and the organization remains compliant with any regulation changes.
An Astute Player of Deep Learning 
Nicolas Meric, Founder and CEO, is the ingenious mind behind the inception of DreamQuark. Nicolas was a PhD student in particle physics at University Paris-Diderot working in theoretical and experimental aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics. His topic was related to the calculation and the measurement of perturbative corrections to Quantum Chromodynamics processes which influence the search of new signals in the high energy region that is studied at LHC. He was also involved in the analysis of detector noises in the ATLAS experiment and the development of new algorithms to catch them efficiently. This keen interest of deep learning and neural networks made him realize that this technology would disrupt the way companies are processing their daily data if he could get it out of the academic sphere to make it accessible to domain experts without Data Science education.
Nicolas founded DreamQuark in 2014 with the objective of developing Brain, a software platform that automates model training based on Deep Learning and allows an easy deployment, quick to meet the daily needs of companies in financial and health sectors. In 2016, he created DreamUp Vision developing a cognitive learning engine which relies on deep-learning technologies.
Nicolas has been recognized in 2017 as one of the 10 French brains that fascinates in the Artificial Intelligence field by side with Yann LeCun, Jérôme Pesenti and Emmanuel Mogenet.
Delivering Embedded Algorithms 
Startups and companies developing AI technologies are mainly focused on score performance and the scientific approach. DreamQuark believe that AI cannot be adopted, whatever how it performs, if users cannot easily use, trust and control it. The company has developed an innovative platform that automates the data preprocessing as well as the model training. Its algorithms provide explanations for every single generated score. Business experts can now create AI applications without data science knowledge and understand the results to turn them into concrete business actions. It has also build an easy way to embed its algorithms in a light scoring instance API that can be easily integrated in any existing IT infrastructure for large industrialization.
Glorifying Achievements 
DreamQuark has won multiple awards including the “Fintech of the Year” price by Finance Innovation, “10000 startups to change the world” national contest, as well as the “Best Cognitive Platform” award by Bank & Innovation. Major banks and insurance companies such as BNP Paribas, AG2R la Mondiale, GAN Prevoyance and Groupement des Cartes Bancaires always count DreamQuark for AI based financial processes.
A Vision of Creating Universal AI 
As DreamQuark is driven by the challenge of making the impossible possible, the company built a dream team composed of the best scientists and engineers in the field. This elite squad spends days and night creating the most advanced algorithms and pushing deep learning potential way further raising the bar higher than ever. Major Banks and insurances are already benefiting from DreamQuark state-of-the-art technology. Being a Key Player in Europe, the company is planning to enter the US market within 2 years.
Clienteles Expressing their Gratitude 
“DreamQuark was selected as a partner thanks to the performance and transparency of its solutions”- Benoit Douxami, Associate Vice President of GAN Prévoyance
 “Certainly one of the most fascinating AI company in Europe, leveraging a unique proprietary technology to solve previously unsolvable business problems and creating massive value for Large Banking and Financial Institutions. Where will you stop?”- Stéphane Guinet, Founder & CEO of KAMET 
“Congratulation to Nicolas Meric and DreamQuark’s team with whom I have the pleasure to develop an ambitious project for BNP Paribas!”- Khalid Saad Zaghloul, Head of Digital Risk & FinTechs at BNP Paribas Personal Finance
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