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Dr. Nadia Cheaib | Chairwoman | ClinGroup and Hope MCF (foundation)

DR. NADIA CHEAIB: An Outstanding Leader in Health Industry Development

Meet an International MHealth Industry Developer, Scientist, Leader & Social Entrepreneur, Dr. Nadia Cheaib- Founder & Chairwoman of ClinGroup – the first NPO Health R&D Solutions Partner in the Middle East & Africa (MEA), who had made an impactful contribution in the health and social sectors. She is a Doctor in Pharmacy and medical research from France. Focused on the healthcare research and innovative solutions development, she founded a group of companies, allowing progression and research development, and creating business opportunities throughout the Middle East & Africa, bridging sciences to business and social development, and widely contributing to sciences progress and community services.
For the Sake of Offering Better
Dr. Nadia Cheaib was born in Lebanon during the civil war and migrated to France, where she studied Pharmacy & medical sciences and had the chance to integrate several great international internships in growing Research & Development world of health industry at the exact time of major international regulations and very strict rules implementations. Dr. Cheaib hence created Clinserv, her first company from France, serving the European market and expanding to the emerging market of the MEA. Being very quality-focused on patient care and safety, especially in this emerging region, she persevered on all challenges and wanted to fill all gaps to make a research environment perfect for the patient’s safety & well-being and contributing to finding better treatments.
When Dr. Nadia Cheaib’s father passed away, she decided to return to Lebanon to carry his legacy and create a foundation after his name. He was a great social entrepreneur in the real estate dedicated to philanthropy. Hence, Dr. Cheaib expanded further Clinserv activities to the Middle East and Africa. Health Research environment being so different between the two regions Europe and MEA, she started creating additional services & business units to fill all the gaps and maximize research accurate outcomes. At the start, it was for free just for the sake of giving good quality data and patient safety in Clinserv work, the CRO representing multinational biopharma/medtechs and CROs, then those business units became companies and growing independently, hence the group Clingroup started developing and expanding in services and coverage. And, what makes it unique besides its quality commitments and amazing network in the EMEA region, is its deeply rooted values in philanthropy & social responsibility thanks to the close link to her father ’s foundation.
Traveling very often and having always in mind the company and the foundation, the network created in each country was always serving both purposes and step by step they got to link to each other to serve exponentially both causes in a synergistic way.
Self-made Health Entrepreneur
Challenges are numerous especially in this region of the world for self-made health female entrepreneurs, as despite the entrepreneurial blood in the family, thanks to Dr. Cheaib’s father, her family is oriented on real estate, and she was the only one to go to health as to follow her uncle’s philanthropy legacy who was a pediatrician devoted to treating third world countries children and passed away in his thirties. So from aside, health challenges in a less regulated and structured region such as MEA versus over-regulated region such as Europe who taught her the business and practices to perfection. From another side political instability requiring continuous contingency plans and plans changes in the MEA. Mind you this developed tremendously sense of adaptability and confidence in solving major problems whatsoever surrounding conditions.
Dealing with them comes first with remembering always that priority target is achieving for the noble values and causes Clingroup is carrying and supporting and hence, perseverance and patience in a positive focused spirit were the major tools Dr. Cheaib carried all the way.
Carrying values and Focusing on their Goal
“Believe in your values, set a clear vision of what you want to do, set clear plans…and once you start to persevere passionately, but also detach from outcomes to prevent the anxiety that may ruin it all, focus on the goal and give all ethical legal professional means to achieve it. And don’t be afraid of errors, they are great lessons just face them and take all measures to correct them and stand again and learn from them for next time,” says Dr. Nadia Cheaib.
Scientific, Business & Social Achievements
In her journey so far, Dr. Cheaib has contributed to over 420 International Research Programs that led to over 35 new drug discovery in cancer, blood diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular, infectious at the highest international level, treating daily millions of people all over the world.
Group of 6 companies celebrating 18 years of expertise in international health development, and network with rank A EMEA region authorities, international organizations, health & life sciences professionals and academics.

  • Over 15 Intellectual properties of programs serving the health and social stakeholders
  • Over 4000 job opportunities created directly and indirectly
  • Alliances with over 300 private and public institutions in the MEA

Social & Philanthropy
Sustainable expanding development and contribution in the MEA region in programs serving children education, women scientific and economic empowerment, children and women cancer diagnosis & treatment research, Africa hepatitis and infectious diseases, small NGOs empowerment and capacity building to work better together sustainably, traditional & herbal medicine scientific validation, patient wellbeing and access to treatment, elderly wellbeing.

  • Her father’s: “Have mercy on those on Earth and He in heaven Shall have mercy on you” • The right for a decent life to all, in a sustainable, rightly thought way • Cooperation with experts and teaming up for good values

Dr Cheaib sang her father love with a song called your eyes are my destiny which became the Father love hymn and her Father foundation hymn.