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Dr. Angelika Hellweger | Legal Director at Rahman Ravelli

Dr. Angelika Hellweger: Paving the Way for Women in White Collar Crime and Disputes

Being a woman in white collar crime and disputes can feel like being a pioneer. Dr. Angelika Hellweger, Legal Director at Rahman Ravelli, shares her experiences dealing with the still male-dominated landscape, particularly in leadership positions.

Starting out as an associate, Dr. Hellweger didn’t notice much difference in treatment compared to her male colleagues. But as she advanced in her career, she began to see a change in behavior. Women were given less time to speak in meetings, frequently interrupted, and unfairly labeled as “aggressive” or “difficult” for speaking up. They were also often assigned administrative tasks and overlooked for high-profile cases and clients.

Despite these obstacles, Dr. Hellweger took a proactive approach, addressing these issues with her superiors and carving out her own path for change. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and knowing one’s limits, advocating for embracing change when necessary.

Though, stories like Dr. Hellweger’s encounter at a foreign embassy serve as a reminder of the persistent biases that women in leadership roles still face. Mistaken for an assistant among her male colleagues, her assertive response corrected the misconception and highlighted the ongoing need for societal change.

Dr. Hellweger’s story sheds light on the ongoing journey toward gender equality in the legal profession and beyond, emphasizing the importance of advocacy and resilience in challenging the status quo.

A Global Legal Powerhouse

Dr. Hellweger’s unique background makes her an invaluable asset when navigating complex legal matters for clients. Her expertise spans both civil and common law systems, giving her a wider toolbox to tackle challenges. Imagine needing to track down a client’s assets hidden across different countries with different legal frameworks. Dr. Hellweger, fluent in multiple languages and with experience living and working internationally, can expertly navigate these complexities. She understands the cultural nuances that can make or break a case. Dr. Hellweger doesn’t just fight legal battles; she fights for the best outcome for her clients, leveraging her diverse skillset to achieve the desired results.

Building Strong Networks

Dr. Hellweger offers valuable advice to aspiring female professionals. She emphasizes the importance of building genuine connections with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures early in one’s career. “Don’t be intimidated by unfamiliar social situations,” she advises. “Find what works for you. Some thrive in bustling environments, while others prefer one-on-one interactions. Embrace your authentic self and the method that brings you the most enjoyment when building your network. Remember, there’s no single approach; there are many paths to a successful network.”

Redefining Success for Women in White-Collar Crime  

Dr. Hellweger offers insights into the challenges women face in white-collar crime and disputes law. The field can cultivate a perception that aggressive, often rude behavior is seen as assertive and successful. Dr. Hellweger, however, believes one can be assertive while maintaining manners and professionalism. Her message is clear: there’s no need to adopt styles that clash with your personality.

Dr. Hellweger acknowledges the additional scrutiny women face regarding appearance. Comments on looks, style, or even the height of heels can be unsettling, particularly for younger professionals. Her advice is empowering: develop your own professional style. Don’t be afraid to wear those pink high heels if that’s what makes you feel confident. Ultimately, you decide what makes you comfortable and ready to take on any challenge. Dr. Hellweger champions women navigating this demanding field while staying true to themselves.

A Guide for Aspiring Professionals

Dr. Hellweger’s advice goes beyond law, offering words of wisdom for aspiring professionals, especially women. She says, “Find your niche, something you truly enjoy and are passionate about. Focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage. Don’t get discouraged by areas that need improvement; everyone has them. Keep learning and exploring new things. Pursue hobbies outside of work, like art, travel, or sports. These passions can become unexpected assets, giving you skills and knowledge others in your field might not have. Finally, don’t let others define your success.” She further adds, “We’re all different, and so are the paths we take to achievement.”

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