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DOVU: Using Blockchain Technology to Democratize Data

Known to be the biggest innovation in computer science – Blockchain Technology has unleashed the technological genie out of its bottle. Blockchain is basically a distributed database, wherein it builds trust through extensive collaboration and clever code. With a vision of using this revolutionary technology to democratize data, stands DOVU. The company is creating an entirely new circular economy for the transport and mobility arena. The global token for the mobility and transportation ecosystem, DOV, ensures data sharing to be frictionless, rewarding and easy.
With data becoming more and more valuable, the need for it to be controlled and efficiently used is imperative. Moreover, amongst both individuals and corporations there is a lack of reward to share data. “DOVU democratizes the sharing and consumption of this data by connecting owners to data consumers, thereby introducing an unprecedented and fair value exchange between those that generate data and those that benefit from it,” mentions the CEO of DOVU, Irfon Watkins.
The Spark that Ignited Fire
A single connected car is projected to upload a staggering 25GB worth of data in only one hour. Now think of all the data generating objects from our mundane life: roads, smartphones, trains, bus, traffic lights, etc. One cannot imagine the data explosion on the verge in the transportation industry. The emergence of blockchain technology can help channel this ginormous amount of data into more efficient services. DOVU came into existence to translate this into a possibility.
Being a Unique Player in the Market
Although transforming the mobility space is not a one-person mission, DOVU possess close relationships in the transportation ecosystem, adding to its sector of expertise. As with any other companies, Partnerships are pivotal for gaining market share. InMotion, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, is an investor and partner to DOVU; amplifying its connections in the mobility space. With announcements on partnerships with other OEMs imminent, DOVU is working with KPMG to make sure that it is structured correctly, ready to scale globally.
There is a worrying trend within the industry, as there are over 1000 ERC-20 tokens which are leading to siloed communities—one of the very things blockchain intends to solve. DOVU wants to shift the focus from isolated ecosystems to the underlying blockchain technology, by being interoperable with other blockchain protocols (e.g. IOTA and Ethereum). The combination with intuitive UX demystifies the benefits of blockchain technology, hence positioning DOV token as a global unit of value for the mobility and transportation ecosystem.
Another significant area that separates DOVU from its contemporaries is its core team. The company’s core team consists of entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, product marketers, product designers and legal experts – all with significant experience in shipping and supporting products used by millions of people.
Led by a Serial Entrepreneur and Ably Supported by Others
Irfon Watkins, the Co-founder and CEO of DOVU, is the visionary who led the company to what it is known as today. While constructing the team for DOVU, looking for people who could take on this brand new technology, Watkins realized that most of his previous colleagues were already making big strides in this space. This motivated him further and eventually resulted in establishing a team of proficient individuals. Prior to DOVU, Watkins was the Founder and CEO of Coull, which was a programmatic video advertising company.
The founding team of DOVU also comprises, Arwen Smit (CMO) and Krasina Mileva (COO & Legal Counsel). In addition to these, DOVU boasts a prominent team of advisors, who are committed to the long-term success of the business. The Advisers panel includes Lars Klawitter, GM of Rolls Royce Bespoke and former member of the Board of Directors of Ethereum when it launched, and David Drake, an early investor in Alibaba, Palantir, and Lyft.
Bringing-Forward Unrivaled Benefits

  • Extended Ecosystem Engagement

By shifting the focus from isolated ecosystems to the underlying blockchain technology, DOVU enables interoperability with other blockchain protocols (e.g. IOTA and Ethereum). This, in turn, extends the DOVU ecosystem and its array of benefits.

  • Sector-specific Smart Contracts

The complexity of the sector requires specialized smart contracts to fairly reward data sharing. Layering the DOVU protocol with clever smart contracts unlocks new and exciting business models; with the DOV token at the heart of this new value exchange.

  • Easy User Experience

Accessing blockchain benefits doesn’t need to be complicated. Receiving DOV rewards is as easy as launching an application on a smartphone. One can redeem their DOV rewards against a mobility service (e.g. bus ride or an insurance discount), and can transfer into crypto or fiat, or even hold onto them.
The Road Ahead
DOVU’s token sale is not the end of its journey, rather it’s just the beginning for the company. 2018 will see multiple pilot projects, demonstrating the value blockchain can add to the mobility sector. DOVU will continue its ascend to the top, with its token holders spreading out over 40 countries, thereby highlighting the amount of interest it’s garnering on a global level.
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