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Double Dutch Drinks: Redefining the Mixer Market in the Drinks Industry

Founded in 2015, Double Dutch is a UK based premium tonic and mixer brand, selling over half a million bottles per month across 23 countries, with more than 5,000 bar stockists across the UK alone. Using molecular pairing techniques, Double Dutch’s drinks have been specifically designed to enhance the taste of higher-quality spirits, while offering an innovative alternative to standard mixers.
Double Dutch was the first mixer brand to launch quinine-free tonic and being underpinned by both a genuine founder story and credible expertise, they have established themselves as a reputable brand in the space, providing a refreshing and vibrant alternative to incumbent brands. Double Dutch aims to continue their growth by entering into new international markets as well as more domestic on-trade venues and retail stores.
Molecular Pairing Techniques
Double Dutch creates a range of versatile mixers that can be drunk with a range of spirits, and taste equally delicious on their own as they do in a cocktail. All their flavours are developed through molecular pairing techniques. This technique identifies the chemical components and aromas shared between specific spirits and certain ingredients, with the core hypothesis being that ingredients combine better when they share key flavour aromas. The process starts with determining and quantifying the aroma compounds of a particular ingredient. The next step is to then combine this ingredient with others that share the same intrinsic properties to create unique and counter-intuitive flavour combinations. This results in flavours that enhance rather than mask the quality of spirits.
Challenging The Market
With consumers now becoming more and more health conscious, low-calorie drink purchases are currently accounting for 27% of all drinks sales. Double Dutch’s drinks are all naturally low in sugar and only use 100% natural and organic ingredients. This is one of the ways Double Dutch is challenging the original tonic and mixer industry and encouraging the market to become more diverse and consumer friendly. The company is looking forward to seeing how the market continues to grow and change and they plan to stay at the forefront of these changes.
Perfectly Balanced Leadership
Double Dutch was founded by Dutch twin sisters, Joyce and Raissa de Haas, who have a natural affinity with superlative drinks and excellent blendings. Both Joyce and Raissa have continued to personally direct the brand from key positions, with Joyce overseeing the financial and operational aspects of Double Dutch, and Rasisa looking after sales and marketing. Both have the perfect balance of overseeing the function-critical aspects of the business and are more than determined to bring flavour, fun and excitement to the mixer market.
Overcoming Challenges
One of the biggest challenges Joyce and Raissa faced when they founded Double Dutch was they had no prior experience in the Food and Beverage industry which meant they also had limited industry contacts. As many start up brands, their budgets were very small compared to their big corporate competitors which made it hard to reach the massive MOQ’s for production runs in a big brand landscape. There was also the challenge of being stocked by Wholesalers.
Joyce and Raissa overcame these challenges by building a large brand presence on social media as well as constantly increasing their network of industry influencers and investors who have been able to directly help the brand. Joyce and Raissa will always undertake a lot of personal research before making big decisions, for example, their work with agencies is limited as they know that internally undertaking work has a personal touch and that people always react better when you make the effort yourself.
Future Aspirations
Double Dutch aims to revolutionise the drinking experience! Along with leading in flavour and innovation Double Dutch is looking to leave a positive impact on the environment by ensuring they become 100% carbon neutral. They are also continually exploring new flavours to add to their range as they believe there are still many flavour profile opportunities. It is through this flavour development that they plan to take on the leading brands head-on with superior tasting products.
Seasonality, low calorie drinks and healthy living are three trends that the company will be focusing on for the next two years as it looks to align with the trends that are driving consumer behaviour. Continued international growth is a big focus as well. Double Dutch wants to be easily accessible from all around the globe, so as well as continued expansion in their current markets, they are always looking to enter new markets.