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Doejo: An Innovation Studio, Creating Platforms, Experiences & Spaces

In one of Tadros’s first shops, he met Darren Marshall, his future business partner. Darren’s had just left an agency he helped start and where he was doing sales, design, and account management for media clients like Lifetime, Warner Bros, Focus Films, and Disney. They paired well because Darren had a real portfolio of work and had systems, proposals and experience pitching and selling to premium clients. This led to the founding of Doejo, a full-service design innovation agency that builds technology, products, brands, and companies.

Connected devices present a number of opportunities to create impactful and integrated experiences. Mobile usage, as a preferred device, continues to grow and is on its way to dominate the connected landscape. Doejo, an innovation studio, passionate about creating brands, platforms, products and experiences, was founded 8 years ago in Chicago. Since then, Doejo has consulted everyone from grassroots startups to Fortune 500 companies, launching a few of its own ventures in the process.

Working as an agency in the digital space, Doejo has faced many challenges. The digital landscape evolves daily, and therefore it is imperative that they are leading this change through innovative work. As a company, Doejo foster an agency culture that thrives on trust and creativity.

Doejo, Building Enterprise Solutions

Doejo’s capabilities are in strategy, design and technology. It’s core services include, but are not limited to UX, UI, mobile, branding, e-commerce, video & motion, and product development. Doejo is one of few VIPs in the world, allowing them the privelege of building enterprise solutions for many of today’s leading publishers.

Doejo follows a “Conceive, Make, Iterate, and Improve” approach to digital product design/development work. Through their discovery workshops, Doejo co-create to validate the problem, align expectations, and success criteria. From here, they work to build a functioning concept that helps validate the solution, and iterate on that through a public release. This is often followed by consistent, iterative releases based on user feedback, hardware updates, and pivots that may be necessary to better capture the market.

Having a vision, to continue to push the limits of design, technology and innovation, to the benefit of their clients, while having fun and driving measurable change, Doejo, plans the execution in two ways, continuous development of their core capabilities and the recruitment of top talent. The integration of the two will make Doejo a leading digital agency in the years to come.

Phil Tadros, CEO & Co-founder of Doejo, grew up ambitious, self-motivated, and unafraid of any challenge. “There’s no excuse, you just make up your own world and that’s it.” At age 19, he dropped out of school to start a coffee shop. “It was an affordable little dive that I loved and it was $500 a month. I was always waiting to do my own thing.”

Phil Tadros says, “We have a talented team of strategists, designers and engineers and feel that we are well positioned to capitalize on the emerging market. Doejo has been developing its innovation capability where it utilizes a team approach to partner with clients, problem solving and unlocking value in the iterative process.”

Experiencing major growth as an agency, Doejo has expanded westward, and just opened its first West Coast office in Los Angeles to better serve some of its current clients there and attract new ones.

Having developed several in-house brands, such as Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, Doejo gains incredible insights that will be applied apply towards future engagements. Doejo has a diverse range of satisfied clients that span CPGs, media, healthcare, technology, sports and entertainment.