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Digital Guardian: Data Protection Platform to Secure Structured and Unstructured Data

Data protection is the process of protecting data and involves the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data and technology, the public perception and expectation of privacy and the political and legal underpinnings surrounding that data. Data protection should always be applied to all forms of data, whether it be personal or corporate. It deals with both the integrity of the data, protection from corruption or errors, and privacy of data. Digital Guardian is among those best security companies, providing solutions helping to rely their customers for hassle free data protection and stow!
The company’s  mission is to provide ubiquitous data protection to organizations and corporations independent of the threat actor, data type, the system, application, device type or the point of access. Their unique data awareness and transformative endpoint visibility, combined with behavioral threat detection and response, provide a comprehensive security posture, carrying this data centric security posture across the network and into the cloud, thus adapting to today’s border-less networks.
The customers use Digital Guardian’s Data Protection Platform to secure both structured and unstructured data, everything from executive emails, to chemical formulas, to customer data. For more than ten years, Digital Guardian has enabled data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with an on premises deployment or an outsourced managed security program (MSP). The company operates in more than 60 countries. Seven of the top ten global patent holders and seven of the ten largest global automobile manufacturers are their clients.
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Compliance will always be a mandatory requirement, but it’s not enough in today’s evolving threat landscape. CIOs want to simplify their portfolio and have a solution that can provide multiple benefits- that means building a product that not only meets compliance needs, but also protects them from other threats, including malicious insiders or external attackers. These attacks are increasing in rate and sophistication, and the desire was to provide a solution that enables financial institutions to not only be compliant, but also secure against data theft.
One to Stand Out in the Crowd
Data protection platform uniquely provides the visibility and control from the endpoint to the cloud and in between, while delivering the shortest time to value and lowest total cost of ownership.
 The differentiators provided by the company include:
Time to Value and Total Cost of Ownership: Digital Guardian is the only vendor to provide both Data Loss Prevention and Advanced Threat Protection via a fully managed services offering. The Managed Security Program (MSP) protects organizations immediately and can scale quickly to meet customer needs.
Visibility: Digital Guardian’s security sensors, process a wide range of data centric events such as file creation, copy/paste, email and even screenshot. This visibility informs decisions for their Data Loss Prevention platform and Advanced Threat Protection platform, delivering accurate data protection and higher fidelity alerts.
Control: Deep visibility comes with the ability to also control actions, automated responses include log, prompt, quarantine, encrypt, or block. They provide full visibility for all platforms and this extends to the ability to control actions on Windows, Linux, and Mac workstations and servers, a unique element to Digital Guardian.
Another point to note is data classification, which is foundational to both risk reduction and regulatory compliance, though many organizations fail to perform this step – without knowing what you have, protecting it is impossible. Automating this process ensures that organizations implement it consistently, regularly, and comprehensively. We can automatically classify, based on parameters such as user, user role, application used, file location, among others. Digital Guardian platform’s automated classification speeds up deployment and eliminates complexity for a data classification program.
Self-motivator, Proved Action is the Foundational Key to all Success
Ken Levine, President and Chief Executive Officer, learned about the Digital Guardian (then known as Verdasys) through a friend and colleague who was on the Board of Directors. Ken joined the company in March 2014 primarily for two reasons. First, for the space, as being on the endpoint was key for cyber security and second, the company had very compelling technology. Another appealing factor for him was Verdasys’ market segment. It was becoming apparent that security prevention tools were not 100% effective, and hence, the notion that if a company is going to get breached, at least don’t let the bad guys steal anything. He saw an opportunity to transform what was more of a toolkit into a functional product that could scale across hundreds or thousands of customers while meeting budgetary requirements.
Services: Best Suited in Current Industry Scenario
With the Digital Guardian Managed Security Program for Data Protection Compliance, organizations can focus on strategic imperatives while the security experts provide the resources needed for an enterprise data protection and privacy compliance program. The services provided by Digital Guardian includes- Discover and classify PII/PHI across your organization – including servers, databases, endpoints and the cloud. Monitor and control PII/PHI on your network and endpoints – Audit and protect PII/PHI in cloud storage such as Box or Office 365. This service is powered by the Database Record Matching fingerprinting technology.
Perks for Clients to Count on
Digital Guardian is the consolidation of security capabilities into a single data protection platform. It is the only platform that provides:
Network, endpoint and cloud data loss prevention leveraging the same management console, same endpoint agent and same network sensor.
Protection from well-meaning and malicious insiders and outside attackers. Competitive DLP solutions continued to focus on protecting data for the insider or compliance use case only. DG for DLP is the only solution that has extended capability to prevent data loss by outside attackers too- leveraging the same technology!
Flexible deployment options including on premise, as a managed service or as a hybrid of the two.
A Leap towards Future
Digital Guardian’s main focus is to continuously innovate and expand the product offering while sketching the footprints globally.

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