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Digital Air Strike: Pioneering Solutions in the Social Age

Digital Air Strike provides the most comprehensive software and managed service platform for social media and digital marketing to help clients engage with consumers in digital and social environments while generating measurable ROI.
A pioneer in digital response, social marketing and online reputation management, Digital Air Strike deploys industry-specific mobile apps and platforms to monitor, improve and manage consumer engagement for thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada.
The explosion of social media has created the world’s most populated platforms for brand discussion and review. If retailers are not investing significant resources into managing online reputations and building a brand voice on digital platforms, they are destined to fall behind.
Leading the Digital Revolution
Alexi Venneri, co-founder and CEO of Digital Air Strike, started the company in 2010 during a major recession. The biggest challenge for businesses at that time was that they needed to advertise, but could no longer afford expensive media buys. Venneri had the foresight to understand that social media was growing in popularity and no one was helping businesses monetize it.
Venneri seized the opportunity and has guided her team to more than 300 percent growth in just over four years and 35 percent growth in 2016. Digital Air Strike also won the Red Herring Top 100 Global and Red Herring Top 100 North America awards for technology and innovation in 2015 and 2016. Only two percent of winning companies have ever won both the Red Herring North America and Red Herring Global awards two years in a row.
Venneri’s success is a direct result of her insight into the digital marketing industry, but it is also because of her ability to build an award-winning team. Recent additions include thought leaders in technology, digital engagement and automotive retail.  The executive team has improved upon and added new technologies and is a driving force behind Digital Air Strike’s 20 percent growth in new markets.
Benefits of Investing in Reputation
It takes resources, time and dedication to ensure that a retailer’s online presence is constantly monitored and managed. A positive reputation is not something that has a simple solution, it takes a total top-to-bottom buy-in from leaders and staff. Companies must be willing to invest in the management of its digital brand. One of the biggest challenges that retailers face in today’s market is that they do not have the human resources to invest in a digital marketing and reputation management strategy, that’s why Digital Air Strike is the perfect partner.
Managing the clients’ online reputation is the best insurance for any advertising dollar they spend. When consumers see or hear an ad for a business, they typically search for that business online. Google is now showcasing star-ratings from other review sites on first page search results. By cultivating an online presence through social media, retailers can build a foundation of trust with their customers and develop connections that will likely translate to real-world purchases. It matters now more than ever before. A simple Google search will pull up everything a customer wants to know about a company’s reputation and how the business is communicating on social media. How a brand interacts online may determine whether a prospective customer favors it, or visits the competitor down the street.
Digital Air Strike’s technology helps retailers improve their online review site star ratings by engaging with customers through a post-transaction survey that allows happy customers to post their positive feedback on top review sites while still in the survey process.  The company’s team of social media experts monitors social and review sites for comments and reviews, and responds on a retailer’s behalf, often engaging with in-market consumers and connecting them with one of its clients.
Staying a Step Ahead
With evolving platforms, designing effective social media strategies and converting social data into something actionable is exciting and rewarding for Digital Air Strike. It requires careful planning to ensure content is both relevant and valuable. If done correctly, retailers gain the opportunity to engage with consumers at all stages of their purchasing journey and ultimately boost their bottom line.  Social platforms are constantly changing, but Digital Air Strike is dedicated to learning, growing and evolving with those changes, and developing new technology to take full advantage of new opportunities that are brought to the market.
Digital Air Strike offers a wide-range of mobile-optimized platforms and tools, including eight new solutions released in 2017, designed to manage, track and report social media and reputation management success. Among these new solutions is the Mission Control platform, which provides actionable review and survey feedback data at every level – from a single brick and mortar store to a multi-location brand. The dashboard will track reviews on top sites, average ratings, sentiment and survey analysis, competitor comparisons and more. The platform was designed to be easy-to-use, truly mobile-friendly and totally customizable by account, user, department and staff.
Helping Brands to Stand Out
The retail business is evolving and diving further into the world of e-commerce. Even when shoppers are coming into brick and mortar locations, the majority of brand research is done online, and more specifically on social media channels. If retailers want to take their brand to the next level, its online reputation and social messaging needs to be a positive and consistent reflection of the quality of its products and customer service. It is imperative that retailers are investing in key social media and reputation management solutions to stand out amongst a crowded digital marketplace.

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