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Digirad Corporation: Making Healthcare Convenient

Healthcare industry is a sector which integrates all the available science and technology, and applies it to the human welfare. Unlike other industries, this division directly communicates with human health, fitness and wellness. Hence, a company who provides the most advanced technology to the health institutes plays equal significance. A company providing paramount services, products, and support—with outstanding flexibility to improve performance, optimize outcomes, and enhance the patient experience—always receives a great admiration from the market. One such company, Digirad Corporation, headquartered in Suwanee, GA, delivers convenient, effective, and efficient healthcare solutions on an as needed, when needed, and where needed basis.
Digirad allows hospitals, physician offices, and imaging centers throughout the United States to access the technology and services necessary to provide exceptional patient care. Digirad is highly acclaimed for its diverse portfolio of mobile healthcare solutions, medical equipment and services, including diagnostic imaging and patient monitoring.
Digirad provides the following services Mobile Nuclear Cardiology, Mobile Ultrasound, Remote Cardiac Patient Monitoring, Mobile MRI, Mobile PET/CT, Mobile CT, and Mobile Mammography. Digirad also sells and provides warranty and post warranty support to its own line of portable and fixed site Nuclear Medicine cameras. Digirad also sells and provides warranty and post warranty support to a variety of Philips Healthcare N.A. products through an exclusive relationship.
Leader Leading the Experts
Matt Molchan, President, CEO and Director of Digirad Corporation is responsible for the company’s strategic planning, executing of key projects, and maintaining the standards of products and services. Matt  joined Digirad in May 2007, since then he has held a variety of increasing responsibility roles which includes, Chief Operating Officer of Digirad Ultrascan Solutions from May 2007 to January 2012, President of Digirad Imaging Solutions until January 2013, President of Digirad in the beginning of January 2013, and most recently Chief Executive Officer of Digirad since July 2013.
Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Southern California. Prior to joining Digirad Ultrascan, Inc., he held various executive level positions in business development, finance and operations at Somera, Inc. and Equifax, Inc. With the experience he gained, he is able to successfully lead Digirad in a very unexpected and fast changing healthcare scenario.
Innovative Thinkers
When asked about the strategy behind the company’s success, Matt asserts, “We are in constant contact with our customers. Since the majority of our business takes existing products and mobilizes them into a service—we do not need to have a large R&D team—but instead we need a company of innovative thinkers that look for ways to maximize assets by making the assets more efficient through portability and mobility.”
Highly Acclaimed Innovations
Digirad’s creation of the world’s first portable Nuclear Medicine Cardiology camera revolutionized the delivery of nuclear cardiology to the physician office. It created an opportunity for cardiologists to provide nuclear cardiology imaging in their own office instead of sending their patients to a hospital or imaging center. Digirad further innovated the technology by taking advantage of the unique portability aspect of the camera to create the country’s largest mobile nuclear cardiology service business. This business allows for maximum utilization and efficiency by mobilizing the equipment and service to a wide variety of physician offices on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Future Based on Its People and Its Consistency
Matt says that his team is the foundation of the company’s progress. Attributing Digirad’s success to his team, he asserts, “Our people will allow us to continue to grow and innovate in every difficult situation.”
Digirad anticipates its growth to continue in their mobile services division. The team at Digirad knows that hospital systems today are looking for ways to become more efficient, offer greater convenience to their patients and to add value to their community. Digirad’s mobile efficiency models work together with these healthcare systems to reduce costs; increase patient convenience and ultimately create more value for the hospital systems.
Matt and his team believe in consistency. They know very well that they need to consistently provide a high-quality service each and every day to each and every patient, which will eventually build trust and trust will give them more opportunity to continue to provide their services and add new services with these customers.