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DigiPulse: Shaping the World of Digital Inheritance

DigiPulse was founded with the aim of ensuring that all digital asset holders and crypto wallet users have ultimate control over who inherits their digital and crypto assets.
While cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining global momentum, there is currently no viable solution for its glaring flaw — if a user cannot access their digital wallet, all their crypto assets will remain dormant and be forever lost. And while this might not be a pressing issue now, it certainly will be in the future.
Known as the ‘world’s first digital inheritance vault,’ DigiPulse is actively solving this surging industry problem. The goal of the project is to ensure that the user’s digital assets – files, images and any other content, as well as cryptocurrencies stored in their wallets are passed on or made available to the rightful inheritors in case of their demise.
DigiPulse arose as a solution to a real problem. Almost a year ago, co-founder and CTO Dmitry was having serious health issues and realised that, if he were to pass away, his young family would be unable to access his digital and crypto assets. After extensive marketing research, Dmitry realised that the service he himself needs simply doesn’t exist. So he created one.
Active project development started in September 2016 and soon gained momentum after exploring the possibility of doing an ICO or more precisely, a Token Sale. Despite the initial sale not reaching its goal, crypto community members liked the idea and wanted to see it brought to life. Before their second Token Sale and after receiving extensive community feedback, DigiPulse held an early contributors round to gather initial investment for delivering the alpha product.
After a successful second Token Sale and raising more than $1million worth of ETH, the team focused on expanding their ranks and developing the much needed product.
Banking on Distinct Advantages
The distinguishing advantage of DigiPulse lies in its combined service flexibility. It operates with inheritable vaults, which can be modified anytime, contain any types of file, don’t require lawyer and executor oversight. The inheritor also doesn’t need any prior knowledge of the ‘vault’s’ existence in order to access the contents.
So far, all existing competitors base their services on standalone elements of the digital inheritance sphere by either being based solely on Ethereum Smart Contracts or a combination of Smart Contracts and physical legal entities.
DigiPulse is currently a unique service in itself; it is the first digital inheritance platform with an in-depth focus on crypto assets. Blockchain and decentralization aspects allow DigiPulse to encrypt, split, and store information on multiple devices across the world, ensuring both information and user anonymity and limiting the threat of human error.
An Ambitious Duo of Leaders
DigiPulse was established by two childhood friends – Normunds Kvilis, co-founder and CEO, and Dmitry Dementyev-Dedelis – co-founder and CTO.
Prior to DigiPulse, Normunds acquired a master’s degree in economics and was an analyst in a leading Scandinavian bank, focusing on financial market analysis and investment opportunities. Later, he took on the role of IT project manager with a focus on leading developer teams towards a bank merger. Cryptocurrencies have been on his radar for quite some time and as investor focus is starting to shift heavily toward cryptos, Norm embraces the industry’s challenges and opportunities.
Before creating DigiPulse, Dmitry was the CTO of a startup that operated in the field of academic fundraising. Understanding the psychological and technical aspects of people’s online behaviour enabled Dmitry to use his own IT expertise in putting together a capable developer team that has undertaken the challenge of creating the product’s technical backbone.
Tackling Uneven Roads
DigiPulse started its journey from the bottom up. From a simple idea discussed over coffee breaks, DigiPulse has grown into a team of seven. Two developers, a project manager, a lawyer and a communications manager joined within a few months time.
Some of the initial business struggles came in forms of securing investment (a deviation from “classical” means of investment – VC, investors etc.), being listed on relevant cryptocurrency exchanges, and raising overall awareness of the project.
After launching its service in early 2018, DigiPulse still plans to continue expanding its scope. The company’s long-term vision involves establishing partnerships with vetted global legal entities (law firms and independent lawyers) for an additional layer of security.
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