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DHS Group

DHS Group: Integrating Corporate Wellness with Population Health

Nowadays the corporate wellness market is growing at a steady pace, with increase in inclusion of corporate wellness services, due to the factors such as increasing health care costs, corporate profit, and focus on employee retention. Therefore, numerous corporate wellness service providers in various industry verticals have started implementing wellness programs for their clients’ employees. Dynamic Health Strategies (DHS) Group is one of them.
DHS Group is a trustworthy service provider in the world of employee benefits and wellness solutions. Founded in the year 1997 and headquartered at Houston, Texas, its mission and purpose are supported by one prevailing goal – elevating population health. It works with employers, health plans and solution providers to manage the health data in a better way in order to improve employee’s health and patient experience while minimizing the cost. The company also provides healthcare analytics consulting services to help employers to identify and implement solutions to achieve their benefit program objectives.
DHS Group offers a variety of cutting-edge tools and expertise to the market that gives employers and providers the key insights and boosts employees’ engagement. On the other hand, it also offers the employers a fully integrated corporate benefit and wellness solution suite known as HealthSpective®. This suite allows them to access everything from plan design, benefit administration, population health analytics to a complete wellbeing system.
An Expert’s Journey                       
Jim Pritchett, the CEO of DHS Group holds more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning, marketing, and operational development of high tech companies and various industries including healthcare, oil and gas and aerospace. The breadth and depth of experience gained from various industries has helped DHS to understand what employers and their employees need and the possibilities for dramatically improving the current health care system using data and technology.
A Reformative Platform
DHS Group’s HealthSpective® platform allows employers to take control of their employee population health data, which is often heavily guarded by carriers and other data vendors. This gives employers a fully integrated and vendor neutral platform to understand and manage all the essential working parts together, to successfully improve employee population health while reducing costs. Using this platform with its convenient single sign-on and integrated dashboards, employers can have a glimpse into their own employee population health data and gain crucial insights into their employee’s health, wellness decisions and how they are utilizing these benefits.
Besides, part of the DHS Group’s wellbeing system is an affordable wearable device known as Movband, with programs including team challenges to engage employees and spur physical activity. Herein, the HealthSpective® integrates data from an employee’s Movband, or from most of the fitness tracker/wearable.
Recently, the company started offering a dual benefit to employers, employees and their providers with the support of its DHS SecurePass app which gives patients the ability to check into medical appointments via a kiosk, biometric reader or website, and to easily share their health data. This is used to dramatically improve the patient experience and also helps providers while speeding up their registration process.
In the future, for tighter connectivity and expanded offerings, DHS Group has plans that can allow hospitals to utilize SecurePass app in conjunction with employers who are using DHS Group’s HealthSpective® platform. Further, by linking with HealthSpective®, health systems can find and attract employers and clients for direct contracting purposes.
Future Perception
The future of Corporate Wellness is greatly personalized. With the invention of apps and smartphones, employees are expecting both convenience and a more personalized experience. Hence, DHS Group is designing all its solutions with personalization at the top of its mind and focusing on engaging employees and improving the patient experience.
A Satisfied Clientele
[Students] having a goal of activity to achieve every day required them to be creative in how they were active. This skill is something that they can take with them beyond the last days of the semester, which is essentially what we are trying to do with [Physical Education] courses at this level. Further, With the HealthSpective® platform and accompanying Movbands, Auburn students are able to sync device data for physical education instructors and administrators to view, when they participate in the Active Auburn physical education course” – Instructor, Auburn University.
[SecurePass] has worked great in a very busy outpatient setting. We’re looking to implement in other areas of the hospital where registration is done.” – Daphne Jacquet, Hardin Health Patient Access Manager