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Device Authority: Delivering Security & Trust to the IoT Ecosystem

IoT IAM has become the talk of the town for the technology enthusiasts, as it has already become an integral part of every IoT solution. The security industry is seeing a paradigm shift, whereby IAM is no longer solely concerned with managing people, but also managing numerous things that are connected to a network. A different approach is required to enable IAM for IoT and this is where Device Authority comes into the picture.
Device Authority is one of the top IoT solution providers which addresses the challenges of Identity and Access Management for the Internet of Things (IoT) without human intervention. At Device Authority, they help their customers and partners to simplify the process of establishing trust for the IoT, enabling end-to-end security architecture and scale for the IoT through their innovative technology platform.
KeyScaler™: An Exemplary IoT Security Platform
KeyScaler™ is an innovative IoT security platform, which provides trust for IoT devices and the IoT ecosystem, to address the challenges of securing the Internet of Things. KeyScaler™ uses breakthrough Dynamic Device Key Generation (DDKG) technology that delivers unrivaled simplicity and trust to IoT devices. This solution delivers automated device provisioning, authentication, credential management and policy based end-to-end data privacy/encryption.
At Device Authority, they deliver automated provisioning of PKI certificates to any connected device on an organization’s network, independent of manufacture-provisioned keys. PKI certificates provide a strong framework for identifying and authenticating individual devices, and are regarded by many experts as the first step to secure the entire IoT ecosystem. However, provisioning these certificates manually becomes time-consuming and cumbersome at IoT scale. Device Authority’s automated solution drives efficiencies and reduces human error, while enabling Certificate Authorities (CA) to offer their certificates directly through the KeyScaler™ platform.
They also provide automated password management, which is crucial for industries such as video surveillance, medical and Industrial IoT, where devices tend to be vulnerable and are exposed to the danger of being hacked/compromised due to default usernames and passwords.
The Trailblazer of Device Authority
Darron Antill, Chief Executive Officer, Device Authority is a dynamic and result oriented leader with an extensive experience in leading and growing IT companies that specialize in IoT and Enterprise security software and services across the globe. Darron joined Cryptosoft in 2015 as the CEO, and then became the CEO of Device Authority Ltd in 2016 as Cryptosoft and Device Authority Inc. merged and changed their name accordingly. Darron has worked with a small portfolio of companies in an Executive and advisory capacity, establishing strategic direction for the respective companies, developing go to market propositions and securing investment funding for expansion.
Prior to his Executive Director roles, Darron was CEO of global software company AppSense, where he was responsible for driving the global growth of the company by entering and expanding into new markets, while delivering new and innovative products that are helping companies transform their workspace management initiatives. During his tenure, Darron guided the company from $25M in revenues to more than $100M, expanded and scaled the company globally, and led the AppSense team to raise a $70M investment round from Goldman Sachs.
Prior to AppSense, Darron was the CEO of the UK’s leading Information Security Services company Vistorm, and led the exit strategy to EDS, and previously he was also the Managing Director of Ultima Business Solutions, an IT & security services company.
Choosing the Right Partner to Grow Business in Right Direction
Today, the IoT market is based on a fragmented set of technologies. To ultimately build an IoT solution and provide real value to a client, a solution provider needs to bring together a set of services and technologies. Identifying those technology partners is important, whilst building up the skills and knowledge in their organizations is a challenge. Hence, choosing the right technology partners is important, and relying on those to innovate and evolve their technologies to ensure market relevance and readiness, – asserts Darron.
Preparing for a Better Tomorrow
At Device Authority, they strongly believe that the future would be a world of connected devices, with different industries operating with minimum human intervention. Change in the mindsets of people is going to be the real game-changer, and its impact is going to be much bigger than the impact of the smart phone revolution. So, they are totally focused on ensuring that the security is available for these devices, so that they can, not only protect the data created from these devices, but also protect the applications these devices are connected to.
Future Perspectives
Device Authority is growing at a rapid pace and aims to focus on building partnerships and contract base, accelerating its device registrations as market ramp takes off. With a 20x increase in the IoT devices over the coming years, security is going to be critical. So, Device Authority will continue to develop its strategic alliances and OEM partnerships of the KeyScaler platform, and focus on thoughts around developing a white labelled version of KeyScaler and co-branding with other IoT platform providers.

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