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DevCom: Delivering Distinctive Software Solutions Globally

Software has been known to be disrupting the ways we interact with devices. Be it an AI-powered smartphone or an office Xerox machine, without software, every device would be deprived of power. The current digital decade has witnessed an explosive ascension of the software industry along with the innovative solutions it entails. Software solution providers, on a global scale, strive to reform the market with breakthrough software tools and solutions. One such exceptional organization striving and thriving in the software development sector is, DevCom with a mission of transforming small business into smart business.
Established in 2000, DevCom is a reliable software development partner for clients worldwide. The company comprehends what its clientele values in the services it provides. Its custom software development is based on the latest software technologies adjoined with solid quality assurance. Moreover, DevCom is a truly customer-centric company putting customer satisfaction in front of it all. Finally, DevCom is a know-it-all company using all the available software languages ranging from Java, JavaScript, and PHP to C#, C++.  
A Resolute Leader  
Slavik Lavryk is the CEO of DevCom since 2016. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Slavik possess exceptional expertise in OOP, Scrum and Agile Methodologies. He has had a lifelong relationship with DevCom. He made his way to the position of CEO by starting as a software engineer at DevCom 15 years ago.  
Currently, Slavik leads the company in its outsourcing efforts. He focuses the company efforts on long-term partnerships and customer success. He also manages to find balance between flexibility and discipline making the company culture well-adjusted to change.  
Disruptive Services  
DevCom possesses the capabilities to use different agile software development methods on demand from its clients. These methods may include continuous development practices, mobile agile and agile in the clouds. The development practice of agile in the clouds is the most common method used at DevCom. The method employs one or more cloud environments uniting the company team with the customers.  
Agile in the clouds method employs virtualized infrastructure like AWS, Azure or Jira. These tools bring a lot of benefits to DevCom’s clients and assure the success of their projects. The company firstly produces and configures development and testing environments. Secondly, the virtualized infrastructure enhances communication with its clients and makes agile sprints way more effective. The tools finally make the company’s agile software development solutions faster and bug-free.  
DevCom provides four primary services under its software development offerings, viz, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile Application Development, and Software Support. A brief description of these services is as follows:  

  • Web Development: DevCom assures a definite success of its clients’ projects with its responsive and agile approach to web development and design. The company develops fast and progressive web apps to enhance businesses. Its clients receive a responsive web solution, adapting easily to any mobile device and providing a smooth user experience on every platform. The in-house developers can build a website using the most suitable CMS. One can choose either a ready-to-use CMS platform like WordPress and Magento or create a custom one using a PHP framework.

Along with these services, DevCom also provides custom e-learning and e-commerce platform solutions, and also creation or improvisation of clients’ CRM and ERP systems.     

  • Custom Software Development: DevCom holds expertise in creating any custom-tailored solution, clients need. The company assures to transform regular businesses into digital ones. One can trust the digital transformation to DevCom, whatever size the company is, an SME, an enterprise or a startup. It develops responsive solutions for any platform needed. Developing a custom-tailored software solution adapting easily to all the possible devices, mobile, tablet and PC is the company’s forte. Cloud solutions, AI & Machine Learning, and Big Data & Business Intelligence are other solutions provided by DevCom under Custom Software Development.
  • Mobile Application Development: Upon a client’s request, DevCom can develop either a quick-to-do cross-platform app or a well groomed native app for Android, iOS or Windows. It develops easy to- use mobile apps for any The company’s experts create business apps to increase productivity and can build software for time tracking, project management, team communications or any other business need. Personal Care & Productivity apps, Maps & Navigation apps, and Social Media Apps are a few of DevCom’s expertise areas.   
  • Software Support: DevCom assures software support at every stage of its clients’ technological journey by functioning as a safety net. The company always makes sure its clients receive high-quality software. One can employ its thorough QA experts for manual or automated testing to receive a bugfree product. DevCom’s top priority is to make digital assets safe from harm. Penetration testing, security monitoring, general security management and secure development services and also consulting DevOps, Data & Application Integration are provided under DevCom’s software support.

Envisioning a Bright Future 
Agile methodologies provide outstanding and swift results making projects shine. Moreover, the share of enterprises using agile software solutions is on the rise opening new markets to DevCom. According to Collabnet Versionone report, the share of agile-first companies rose from 8 to 25 % since 2016.
DevCom differs from its competitors in its flexible approach. “We are ready to use any viable agile method for our client’s project. In the future, we may be switching to continuous agile support of our clients’ projects. This will definitely enhance our client support experience,” states Slavik.
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